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I am big fan of yours , said taehyun while you scratched the back of your neck .

That's great , you said as you basically dont know how  to deal with compliments .

I think we have to introduce ourself . BEOMGYU said as they all nodded and introduced themself and you also introduced yourself to them .

You can clearly see that they(TXT)  were all completely red . Seeing them all red just made BTS smile 😃.

Do you play video games noona  ?  Asked soobin  as other members of TXT including BTS was now on you !

Noona it sounds nice , you thought ! Yeah , I do you answered him as he smile from ear to ear 👂 😄.

Ah but you have dance 💃  practice now
Said the choreographer of txt as they all pouted and did puppy eyes . You giggled watching them and said that we can play a while later as they nodded .

During these moment , bts were watching you with whole hearted eyes and with a smile on their face 💜 💖

You and bts exited the practice room of txt and now were standing in the hallway .

Do we have practice now ? Asked tae to rm as rm shocked his head as a no .

After that there was a silence as you cleared your throat . So sunbaenims , you started but was got cut off by  jk saying .

No need to be formal , you can call us oppa  . He said in a lil husky way .

! Oh my lil heartue dont explode and stay professional,  you thought .

But you hate being called oppa , right ?

Everyone were trying to control their laugh nd they all Burtsed laughing out really loud

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Everyone were trying to control their laugh nd they all Burtsed laughing out really loud

Well yeah ! Jk tried to speak but nothing came out from his mouth . Its i..its for .o..only for older ..one ..yeah..yeah not for you.. younger one ! He said as you smiled nodding to him .ok kook oppa , you said .

Jk pov

Shit I am embarrassed 😳  now , hmph  but wait how did she knew that , ah she told that she is army too right !

Then I  heard , ok kook oppa ! I looked at her aww did she called me oppa .

Aye ! I won the match . She called me oppa first among us .

End of pov

Bts except jk : kook oppa

Jk smiled more like smirked proudly and flipped his non imaginary hair .

Time skip brought to you by Lisa's yadom  ...

You guys were seated in van.

1st row  ,   rm  driver

2nd row,   you jin

3rd row,    v  jk  suga

4th row,   jimin jhope

Jhope : hyung i am hungry, after getting to dorm cook something fore hyung?

He said

Jimin : you are always hungry hyung

Rm : what about you y/n? Have you unpacked your things?

You : nope

Suga : then how will u cook?

Before u could answer your stomach growled making you embarrassed as the members smiled.

Suga : ah jin hyung let's order food.

You : no I can suga op--

Jimin : that's okay

Jin : what shall we order y/nnie?

He asked as you said your favorite food name.

Jhope : that's a good one y/nie

He commented , you said thanks? In a doubtful way which everyone laughed it off.


Being idol is not
Easy . They have worked so hard to come where they are . Respect your idols


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