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Chapter 11: Killer

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In the dining room, Theo and I sit in our usual places as we eat. Elise decided on halibut for dinner since I've been too flighty to make up my mind, but I wonder if that's one of the things Lunas do—run the pack house and choose what's for dinner.

I poke at my grilled carrots. "Maude mentioned your mother and sister Alexandra the other morning; it made me curious. You haven't spoken about them much." I steal a glance to see his reaction. "Can I ask about your family?"

He clears his throat. "You can."

"Maude said your sister lives on the coast with her Alpha mate."

"She's mated to Alpha Silva. My mother lives at his pack. After my father died, it's been difficult for her to be here."

"How...did he pass?"

"It was during a battle with another pack—the other Alpha was younger, and my father had suffered an injury from a previous attack that hadn't finished healing, and that was that. Our Beta—Corbin's father—recovered his wolf. We burned him in the moonlight and I became Alpha."

"I'm sorry," I say. "That must have been difficult for you—to lose your father and immediately be made Alpha."

He sighs and then finishes his drink. When the glass hits the table, he says, "I want you to meet them—my sister and mother—so we should visit Silva soon. What do you think?"

My posture aligns. "I think that's a great idea. I would love to meet them."

He gestures to my shirt. "You've been wearing Alexa's old clothes, but I think it's time we get you a wardrobe that fits better. Alexa is much taller than you."

"I tried to bring some of my clothes from home, but it was all forgotten in the commotion."

"You'll get new clothes." By the tone of his voice, he must not want my old clothes here as though they're somehow tainted by Rowan. "Besides, the full moon is next week and you'll need something white for the Luna ceremony."

"Luna ceremony? I didn't know there was such a ceremony."

"It's small, mostly private, and won't take long. All you have to do is be there."

"That's all?"

"They'll pour moon water on you."

"It sounds very traditional."

"It is."

As our dinner nears its end, our sleeping arrangements come to mind, and I wonder if last night's arrangement was a one-time thing. Truthfully, I don't want it to be. I enjoyed being in Theo's bed maybe a little too much.

"What is it?" he asks after swallowing his last bite.

My lips part. "Oh, I was just... After last night... Will I be with you again tonight?"

Theo pushes back his chair and stands. "Do you want to be like other mates still?"

I nod.

"Then you can bring your things into the master bedroom also; there's no need for them to stay in a guest room."

Elise comes in and starts clearing the dining table, so I automatically assist her.

"I'll reach out to my sister to let her and Alpha Silva know we'll be visiting soon. I'm sure she'll insist we come sooner. I'll be in the study for a bit."

"Okay," I say and watch him leave the dining room.

Once he's gone, Elise takes the dishes from my hands, and asks, "Is someone finally out of the spare room?"

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