Roses Above Innocence

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She really thought I was harmless. A child.

When I really was a monster, so close to birth.

My eyes lift the moment I hear the door click shut the second time. Only when I see it's her do I show myself from behind the tapestry, my hands clasped behind my back, gaze taking her in.

She hasn't noticed me.

She looks tired. A quiet sigh, and there are shadows underneath her pretty dark eyes. She tugs the band holding her hair up, and I trace the delicate lines of her pale wrist as the sleeve of her dress falls back. My fingertips graze against her cloth, wrapped tightly around the sword by my side.


My gorgeous Mistress.

There was still time before I turned eighteen. Yet the temptation was already so strong that it was taking so much of me to control myself around her.

With her, I put my Clan's secret in danger.

She finally finds me. And I smile, not quite so innocently as her eyes widen. Her large eyes, with the stars in them. She comes closer.


My name is like velvet in her rich voice.

"You did well." She says, and I tilt my head forward. Her scent. She smells of white roses.

I know I've caught her off guard. But she knows what I want, and I feel the tension in the air as she hesitates. A couple seconds flow by in silence.

But then I feel the tips of her fingers in my hair.

"Good work. I didn't know you were such an actor, Taehyung. She's completely fallen for you."

My eyes glint down at her.

I act in front of you now, Princess.

If only my beauty can make you fall for me.

She pulls away. And I can barely hide the disappointment as she purses her lips.

"Tomorrow, Han will be here."

This Han.

Again and again his name comes up. Every time it does, my Mistress looks dark. Even at the Gala. I'd barely stopped myself from shoving my sword down his throat.

"Do you want me to kill him?"

The dark shadows clear.

She suddenly laughs. And the way that her expression melts into joy is just so beautiful that it stuns me quiet. Her hand touches my shoulder.

"If only I could tell you that, hm?" She says, voice wistful. "But I don't want you executed. I won't be as weak as last time, at the Gala. I'll promise."

"Go get some rest, Taehyung. You're always working too hard."

And just like that.

She's gone. And the only thing she leaves behind is the faint scent of flowers.



"My lady."


Jimin holds up a cream-colored envelope and a sealed gift box. And this time, he cuts me off first before I give him my usual response to throw it in the fireplace and leave it to burn.

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