The Gala

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This dress is gorgeous. The shade is so deep scarlet that it looks like it's been dipped in blood. My heels click mercilessly against the smooth, glazed floor, towards the double doors that would lead into the Gala Hall.

I had wanted Taehyung to accompany me. But the instructor had told me that the evening training wouldn't end until eight tonight.

The Gala begun at seven sharp.

But at least I had Jimin.

He looks stunning in the suit I'd had tailored for him. It compliments his slender, lean figure, and the cream-colored shades bring life to his amber eyes. He really did have the most beautiful eyes.

"Jimin, how do I look?" I say playfully, noticing that he looks a bit stiff as we approach the Gala. I can already hear the orchestral music through the doors.

He gazes at me.

Then his lips turn into a smile.

"You look like a Queen, my lady."

I laugh. I knew he meant well, but normally saying that to the Princess when my mother was still alive would be considered treason.

It was so like him, to be reckless with his words.

The guards open the doors the moment they lay eyes on me. And I'm nearly blinded by the lights that pour from the room as I walk in, trying not to lose my pace and trip.

If I tripped here, it was over.

I instinctively look for Han, preparing myself.

But he finds me so quickly. It's like he's almost been waiting for me to come in, for the last half hour. He's dressed well as usual— in violet colors to compliment his violet eyes.

"Your Highness."

The sound of his voice.

Did you have fun listening?

Shut the fuck up, Silin. Before I kill you.

I wanted you gone from the start.

I turn. There's a smile on my face, the corners of my lips tugged up almost robotically. But the smile itself is perfect. There are no flaws.

"Good evening."

"Good evening to you." He echoes, and I see his eyes run me down in a quick scan before settling back on my face. I could literally see it on his forehead that he thought I was enough suitable.

He offers me his arm.

"Shall we take a walk? I know of a beautiful place where we could be alone together."

He smiles.

He thinks this is way too easy for him. Not a single girl would've looked at that smile and not fallen for him, before.

I smile right back, making sure my lip curls up an angle higher than normal.

"My apologies, but I can't."

I link my arm around Jimin, who looks at me with wide eyes. The corner of Han's lips twitch, before the smile disappears.


"I'm so hungry."

And that's all I say before tugging Jimin and myself out of there. The moment I head for the food tables, Jimin leans slightly down and whispers.

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