Only a Child

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Ten thousand.

One million.

The numbers just keep getting higher. All eyes are fixed on the young Tarakan on the top of the podium, who stays motionlessly still as shouts echo through the Arena.

Soon, the stake reaches sixty million.

It's offered by Han, who looks confident that he will take the Tarakan back home. His eyes glance around, as if he's almost daring a bid higher than his.

I scoff.

Then I raise my hand.

"One hundred million."

A gasp washes through the entire crowd. And the whispers start up like a storm as I feel countless pairs of eyes shift from Kim Taehyung to my direction. I hear echoes.

The Princess.

The Asura Princess is here.

"One hundred million!" The announcer screams, nearly ecstatic with the price. "Is there anyone else? A higher bid, to top the one of the Princess herself?"

And I'm shocked to see a hand.

"Two hundred million."

It's not Han's. Neither is it any of the rich nobles that I'm aware of, that live close to the provinces of the Crown City of Asura.

The man who raises his hand is masked. I can only see his dark curls that fall over his forehead, but otherwise I can't see anything else.

But then his eyes lift, behind his mask. They're a stunning shade of silver, as his gaze meets mine.

A challenge.

He's challenging me.

I curse inwardly as I raise my hand again. I have to, even if I'd already spent past my planned budget. I need Kim Taehyung. Without him, I might as well have never come back to life.

"Two hundred fifty."

"Three hundred."

This time, he cuts through almost the moment I finish my sentence. My teeth grit against each other.

Who in the hell was that man? I didn't know of a single dark-haired noble, with their eyes so silver like his. If I had, I wouldn't have forgotten him.

He really had that much money, to spend on a single slave? Even if that slave was Kim Taehyung? Or was he just lying to get a rise out of me?

My confidence begins to split in half as the numbers climb, in an exponential rate.

"Four hundred."

"Five hundred."



"One billion!" I shout, my eyes narrowed in a furious glare towards the man. And finally, he lets go. His lips curve into an infuriating smile.

But he relents.

A roar passes through the entire Arena.

One billion won. There had never been such a high number, for a single slave.

"Sold to the Princess, for a total of a billion!"


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