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Just thinking back to the night of that Gala drains the soul out of me.

After Taehyung had told Han that, the entire ballroom had basically flipped upside down in chaos. My father had been furious— Taehyung would've been executed on the spot hadn't I pleaded with him for hours.

I'd literally told him I'd go jump off a cliff if he did anything to Taehyung, and had whined to him like a baby for at least an half hour.

I was lucky my father loved me enough.

Han had left in a rage, announcing that he'd never be back again and damning Taehyung to— what was it? An eternity in hell. He'd literally declared that he'd do whatever possible to wipe him off the map.

As if I'd sit and let him do that.

I knew that he'd be back anyways, in one way or another. He was just too bloodthirsty for the throne.

And now I'm in my room, with Taehyung standing in front of me.

I'm about to tell him that he shouldn't have done that. I should tell him that he shouldn't have done that.

But the boy in front of me has his hands clasped behind his back, his chin held tall. His blood-red eyes doesn't show the tiniest bit of guilt or shame, even as he waits for me to lecture him.

It makes me press back a laugh.

What was I doing?

He was a proud Tarakan. He was my champion.

He had stood by my side, when no one else had.

I take a step forward and wrap my arms around him. I feel him tense underneath my touch. And when I tilt my head to the side and press against his shirt, I hear the beating of his heart.

He is so full of life. He pulses with it.

"Thank you." I whisper. "Thanks for being there, Taehyung. Thank you for speaking for me."

I give him a smile. "I really wanted him to shut up so badly. You read my mind, didn't you?"

He tilts his head. At this point I already know what he wants. A soft laughter escapes my lips as I pet the top of his head, feeling the soft locks of his dark hair come apart between my fingertips.

"Good boy." I whisper, my smile wide. "You did what even I couldn't do."

I And like he'd received the reward he'd come for, he steps back. He bows his head in a slight angle.

He's about to leave when I stop him.

"Taehyung." I say, a bit urgently. "I appreciate what you did for me. But a lot of people also saw you go against Han that night. And Han is not someone who lets go that easily. If anyone ever tries to do anything to hurt you—"

"I know, Mistress."

He blinks slowly, a little playfully.

"Do I have your permission to defend myself?"

"I— what?" I say, brows crossing together. "Of course you do. Anywhere, anytime. Never let anyone lay a finger on you, understand?"

He grins, and I sense a reason behind it. But I don't ask as he leaves, the door shutting behind him with a click. The moment I'm alone, all the exhaustion finally hits me.

A long sigh leaves my lips as I flop onto the silken sheets of my bed. The candle is burning a soft lavender light, and the air is quiet with the late afternoon sun. It almost makes me lazy enough to fall back asleep.

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