Chapter 2 Earth Mix

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"Don't do that! This is none of our business!" grumbles Earth in the kitchen.

And his eye line shows Mix so clearly that he's annoyed.

"What are you talking about? They're our nongs. We have to support them, don't we!" replies Mix as he chops the chili.

Earth sighs rather impatiently and puts the knife to the side.

Well, the salmon chunks will just have to wait.

"Their personal life is not our responsibility. They need our professional support!" he sounds a bit annoyed.

And he sees Mix looking at him with wide eyes.

"Gemini and Fourth get the whole package. Human support. You know exactly what risks our industry carries!" he replies softly, "They're still so young and suddenly so popular. As a couple, Earth!" he deliberately emphasizes their connection, "They're supposed to show the world love. That feelings go crazy in the process is only understandable," Mix sighs deeply this time.

And a strange silence arises.

Both feel how strangely the silence screams out loud.

For nine years they have been part of each other's lives.

And so many memories can be gleaned from their shared book.


Crazy feelings.

Unspoken facts.

And that's exactly why Mix wants to emotionally support this young stars from the start.

"I think Fourth is a little confused. I can see his feelings for Gemini," he muses briefly, "Gemini is not as easy to read as Fourth. He seems much more rational. That could lead to conflict. Fourth needs someone to talk to!", he is sure of himself.

And he simply ignores Earth's sigh.

"That you don't have an eye for this kind of thing, I already realize!", Mix grumbles to himself and starts preparing the food again.

Of course, he has chosen a favorite dish of his favorite man.

Earth loves salmon.

And Yum Salmon totally fits his lifestyle.

Thai salad is spicy and healthy.

So is this sexy man by his side.

Mix smiles to himself and feels the familiar shivers of warmth on his body.

He can't remember when the crush on his shippartner, five years older, began.

But he's sure it hasn't been just a crush for a long time.

He loves him.

Mix loves Earth.

After all, they pretty much live together.

After all, they live their partnership.

And every approach in front of the camera confirms Mix's feelings for his play partner.

If only Earth didn't put up such clear walls.

Mix would never dare confess his love to him.

Unspoken prohibitions fence Mix's heart and make him feel frugal.

Earth showed him in countless moments that he should not dare.

They are best friends.

Work partners.

Platonic life companions.

And Mix is content with the steady presence of his secret love.

He simply can't hope for more.

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