An inevitable mistake

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Alex turns his phone off for the weekend, looks over his mistake. Neema was his mistake, she was an inevitable mistake he feels. Alex can't make a mistake like that again, a mistake like her again.
Walking into school on Monday Alex isn't sure what to expect, finding an angry Clair standing at his locker is not it though. "Thanks for standing me up jerk!" Clair yells, and she's making a scene and Blake is over at Neema's locker and they're watching. "Like who does that, invites a girl out for pizza then doesn't show up?!" Everyone's watching but he only cares about Neema and the look on her face. Alex has nothing to say and Neema doesn't seem to be expecting anything, which is good because he can't promise anything. Alex know he has some serious commitment issues but Neema knows this too and can't blame him for his next move (that's what he tells himself anyways). "I'm sorry Clair, how can I make it up to you?" Alex asks and he already knows her answer, "how about a real date scheduled, no basketball team, no ditching, just dinner and a movie and then maybe I'll forgive you." The truth is Alex could care less if she forgave him or not but at the moment he thinks this is the only way to end whatever he has with Neema now before he ends him. "Sounds good," Alex mumbles "I'll pick you up Friday night, 6:30." Clair smiles brightly and then walks off. Alex avoids eye contact with Neema and he doesn't think she's really looking at him now anyways.

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