All she wants is you

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Alex is sitting on the porch with his head in his hands. He's not depressed or anything crazy like that he's just trying to figure things out. He feels someone watching him and looks up. Blake is standing in front of him looking satisfied. "It sucks doesn't it ?" Blake asks smirking at him. "What ?" Alex asks looking annoyed. He doesn't have time for Blake today, he doesn't have time for anyone, it's Saturday morning and he's tired and sweaty from his run and he just really can't deal with this right now. "Losing someone you care about," he continues "I mean Neema's cool and everything but she's not anyone to worry about so much." Alex watches Blake with a weary look but let's him keep talking. "Sarah," Blake continues taking a step towards Alex "now that's someone who could break your heart... You remember Sarah ?" Blake asks and his face is curious in a fake way but now Alex is confused. "Sarah?" Alex asks "yeah!" Blake yells and now he looks furious and Alex is so confused because Sarah doesn't even sound familiar at all. "Sarah was my girlfriend, I was so in love with her I was sure we were going to get married!" Blake is yelling now and he's right in front of Alex, Alex stands up not wanting to feel small next to Blake. "Over the summer though," Blake continues "she met this guy named Alex, she thought he was everything she wanted... So she left me." Blake finishes and now he looks deflated. "She left me, and I was so mad at this Alex kid because he ruined a great thing I had in my life, so I decided I'd get him back. See Alex is in love with the his girl named Neema, and Neema she's funny and smart and gorgeous... But she's not Sarah." Blake sits next to Alex now and copies the position that Alex was in a few minutes prior. "Neema isn't even feeling the relationship." Blake mumbles he turns his head to Alex and sighs "I can't blame her though, it's not like I've been that great of a boyfriend, actually I've sucked." Blake sighs and runs his hands through his hair. "I'm just letting you know that all Neema wants is you, so fix it." With that Blake gets up and walks away.
"All Neema wants is you, so fix it."

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