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Why he cant

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There are a million reasons why Alex can't give Neema what she wants. A relationship that is. He's not making it up, they've talked about it--about how she feels--but only about her. See Alex knows that Neema is already a weakness in his life has a hard time denying her even the most simple of things but this is the one thing he has to stick to. Pizza isn't a good idea but the team won (like he knew they would) and he can't go home, not yet. Walking out of the locker room his hair wet from his shower and his clothes slightly clinging to his body he makes a decision. He gets stopped by a group of girls all of them congratulating him on his win, praising him for a game they most likely didn't even pay attention to but he basks in it. Chad comes out and joins the group and a few girls turn their attention to him but one of them have dark eyes and a smile that reminds him of Neema the first day he met her and he's drawn to her. "You really did amazing tonight Alex." She smiles and Alex decides why not ? "You think?" He questions stepping a little closer "oh, yeah totally!" She says too excitedly. She didn't watch but Alex doesn't care about that right now, all he cares about is a distraction. "I'm sorry but I don't think I caught your name." Alex mumbles, the girl looks upset for a second but bounces back and happily chirps "Clair." Clair isn't exotic and it doesn't make his heart race so he decides she'd be good for a while. "Well Clair the team and I were going to go out for pizza tonight and I would be extremely lucky if you accompanied me as my date." Clair breaks out into a blinding grin and nods her head.
Ignoring Neema is hard to do considering they did make plans for after the game, but ignoring his mom is even harder. She's in the stand watching like a hawk and waiting and as soon as she sees him she's yelling and making a scene. "ALEXANDER,ALEXANDER!" Alex has Clair's hand in one of his and a duffle bag in the other Clair must think she's coming with him because she happily takes a step towards his mother. "You wait here." Alex mumbles dropping Clair's hand. As soon as he's close enough to his mother she starts gushing over him "oh, Alex honey you did so well tonight, I didn't know you had gotten so good!" "Thanks." Alex mumbles trying to ignore the blush from her praise. Alex sees his dad walking there way but Alex widens his eyes and his dad gets the message and turns the other way. Alex smirks and his mother pinches his cheeks. "Smirking isn't cute Alexander, it makes you look mischievous." Alex wants to make a comment about how he wasn't the one hiding secrets but instead he rolls his eyes. "Well mom it's been cool, but the team and I were going to go out for pizza." just as he says that his phone vibrates and sure enough it's Neema saying she's outside ready when he is. Alex sighs and says "I'll see you later, ma." And walks off. Chad walks up to Alex and tells him that Clair was taking her own car to the pizza place and that she'd meet them there, Alex doesn't mind and takes his time leaving the court. When the rest of the team is gone Alex walks outside and looks around. No Neema in sight and he has mixed emotions about that. Two hands cover his eyes from behind him and "guess who" is whispered in his ear, a voice that he knows all too well. "Thought you ditched me." Alex mumbles turning around sure enough Neema's there with a cute little smile on her face and a basketball sitting at her feet. "Where'd you get the ball?" He asks, Neema has the decency to look guilty and then says "I may have stole it from the school." Alex laughs probably harder than he should but it feels good, to laugh like this, to be with her in whatever confusing "thing" they have. It feels right.

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