Dating 101

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"Don't." She says with out even turning around. Alex raises an eyebrow at that but continues to lean against the locker next to hers. "Don't what ?" He asks seeming genuinely curious. "Don't ask about Saturday." Neema says giving him the side eye. She pulls a book out of her locker and hands it to him, he's used to this routine so he just holds his arms out and waits for the two folders that should follow. "Ah yes Saturday, how could I not ask about that." He keeps his tone light hearted and watches her with more intent than normal. She glares her little glare that makes her nose wrinkle and it would be cute if it were anyone but Neema. She sighs a long suffering sigh and seems to just accept her fate, she's not getting out of this one. "I didn't like him so I left." She leaves it at that and then closes her locker. "You didn't like him ?" He asks but she's already walking, she motions for him to follow and he does her book and folders still in his hands. "So you left ?" He says incredulously, "that's low Neema even for you." She glares again but her gaze lacks heat, they've been like this the past three years she's used to his antics. "Shut up Alex." She mumbles but her cheeks are pink and she's not making eye contact. "I'm going to start a dating 101 class for you Neem." He smiles at his own joke, "Rule number 1 don't walk out on dates, didn't your mother ever tell you how rude that is?" Neema glares her (not!) cute little glare again and grabs her books from his hands, she doesn't say anything just walks into her class leaving Alex with a satisfied smirk and a lighter chest.

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