Feeling better

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When Alex gets home he's not surprised that his dad's not there, he was kind of hoping for it really. He takes his time alone to lay around and think, his muscles ache and his head kind of hurts and he needs a break from Neema, not her exactly but the way he feels about her. Around 6:30 his dad shows up just in time for dinner. His fathers face has become more stoic since the divorce but he always looks at Alex with a soft smile and warm eyes. "Hey kiddo, how was school today?" He asks sitting down on the couch there's a plate of food waiting for him on the coffee table. Alex is already sitting in the recliner eating his pasta, he chews for a second then answers with a simple "it was cool." Alex's dad looks at him for a second and says "is that what kids say when they skip?" He's kidding of course the light shining in his eyes, Alex's dad still doesn't take himself too serious. "Nah," Alex says "that's what kids say when they just want to get out." Alex's father nods his head in agreement then goes back to eating. Alex and his father never spend too much time talking, enjoying each others silence for what it's worth. Alex goes to take the dishes but his father stops him saying "I've got it." And Alex lets him this time. Alex falls asleep in the recliner while watching tv and wakes up feeling better than he has in a while.

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