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The begining

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It was always easy at home, his parents had a routine that they lived by and it never changed. His mom stayed at home and drove him to school, basketball practice and then home, she didn't have anything else to do considering she couldn't work. He was an only child so he never longed for attention, sometimes he even thought he got more attention than he really needed but he wouldn't complain. His dad was a construction worker so money wasn't exactly an issue but he still had a limit and his father wasn't lenient about it. All in all he had a good life, two loving parents and a childhood that most children would envy, but that all changed when he walked in on his mother cheating on his father.
After that things at home became rocky and he used the basketball court as a distraction, a home away from home if you will. Their divorce was quick and almost painless except for the fact that his father was left shattered in a million pieces and he was left wondering what else in his parents relationship was a lie.

Moving in with his father was his own choice and he would never regret that but the hole in his heart that was left for his mother couldn't be filled by the various women that his father brought home only to send them packing after a month. He watched his father, learned his ways and adapted them to his own life refusing to be the fool in the relationship. It was simple he didn't love them and he never would, getting hurt was a laughable outcome and he turned the tables on them before they could on him. It seemed harsh and cruel but he wouldn't be the victim in the end, he would always come out on top.

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