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Wait for me

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See Alex didn't like to see himself as stupid but sometimes he felt like Neema slowed down his instincts, made him think a little too long. He didn't like it but he learned to deal with it, always had something to say to keep her on her toes. She walks out of her last class of the day and heads to her locker. He watches, he always watches and not in a creepy way but more appreciative, she moves so effortlessly the way that he can only move on the court and that's after years and years of practice, she seems to come by it naturally. He doesn't go to her locker like most days, just stands there by his locker and observes. She doesn't look around for him but finds his eyes easily like she knew the whole time where he was, maybe she did. She raises and unimpressed eyebrow and turns back to her locker. He turns away quickly to get ready for practice, he really needs the distraction.
He stands around until most people have left the hallway, until only he Neema and a few stragglers are left behind. This is when he turns to her, finally feels like he can speak without choking. They aren't all that far away but he takes his time walking to her. "Wait for me." Is all he says, doesn't give her time to answer or give himself time to think about it too much. At the end of the hallway he sees his team walking towards him, nods at her once and jogs to them instantly taking on his golden boy persona. If she waits she waits if she doesn't then oh well.

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