The end of that

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She's leaning against his locker the next morning a true genuine smile on her face and Alex's heart stops for a second. He's almost to his locker when Blake walks up. Blake is nothing like Alex, he's the resident bad boy with a soft spot for Neema which seems to be the only thing they have in common. While Alex is the star basketball player and the schools "golden boy" (Neema's words not his) Blake terrifies people with his broody personality and leather jacket. Alex hates the guys guts and it has nothing to with the fact that Neema seems to find him pretty interesting. He walks faster to his locker so he can hear their conversation. "So yeah it's this local band that I heard and instantly thought of you. So I bought two tickets, you in?" Blake finishes. Alex watches Neema closely and she looks as happy as can be... He really hates Blake. "Totally." Neema says and since when does brilliant Neema use words like totally ? "Cool I'll pick you up at 6 on Saturday." Blake says he touches her cheek and she blushes and Alex might throw up at how disgusting they are. Blake leaves as quickly as he came and Alex remembers something. "My games Saturday." Neema instantly looks guilty "right," she says "but I mean there's going to be a billion more games, right ?" Alex shakes his head "whatever." He mumbles. "Alex, if it really means that much to you then I'll come to the game." She says it reluctantly though and he instantly regrets even saying anything. "Forget it Neema, I've been fine without you there all this time, I'll be fine now." Neema doesn't say anything after that but when they're walking she nudges him and he nudges back and starts to deflate. It doesn't take much with her not much at all. "I'm sorry." She mumbles and she's doing the thing where she looks at him from under her lashes and he could fall to his knees right here. He gives her a soft smile and wraps his arm around her "it's all good, I know you'll be cheering me on at your concert." It kind of kills him to say it but he does and that's the end of that.

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