Meeting Neema

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Her name was Neema Jones and she had quick wit and a sarcastic smile and he hated her. He hated her down to the core and that would never change. They met like most people their age do... at school and he instantly disliked her.
"Is this seat taken ?" He looks up to see a girl hovering over him her dark hair shoulder length and her smile almost predatory, he didn't like it. "Maybe" he concludes watching her with a weary look. The thing about Alex was that he wasn't fond of people especially girls who looked like they could destroy you with one finger. She seems shocked by his answer but bounces back quickly ignoring his comment and taking the seat next to him. "Neema" the girl says extending her hand to him, he looks at it as if it's infected but reluctantly takes it. "Alex" he says lightly squeezing her hand and then dropping it. He turns his eyes back to his desk in hope that she'll catch the hint that he's not in the mood for small talk... Of course she doesn't. " I just moved here!" She says turning her body towards him, he doesn't look up from his desk and she seems to find that annoying, with a huff she says "you could at least look at me while I talk." He looks up just in time to see her roll her eyes and then look down at her nails. "I'm not much for talking." He offers not sure why he feels the need to. She watches him for a moment as if trying to figure him out. "And why's that ?" She asks an eyebrow corked as if she has already deemed his answer stupid... Who is this girl anyways ? "I don't really care for small talk much..." And then as an after thought adds "or deep conversation, or any form of conversation for that matter." By the time he's done talking she's smirking and the last thing she says to him is "Well you'll be fun for the next four years." And that's the end of that. That was the moment he decided he hated Neema Jones

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