Chapter 62 (The Great Rebirth... will start with you)

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The flowers blossomed as the wind blew. The small dandelions flew around the area, showing the place of the Grimoire tower. Cheers were erupted here and there as a lone elf stood at the middle, a certain Grimoire floating towards him.

"Whoa, I can't believe it!" one of the elves awed at the Grimoire floating towards the lone elf, "Licht and his sword magic have been chosen by the four leaf Grimoire."

"What's so exciting, mom?" An elf child asked his mother.

The mother softly smiled, "Well my dear, only a few of them can get a Grimoire like that. It gets an extra helping from good luck."


Licht hold onto his Grimoire as it stops glowing. He smiles as he stares at it. He smiles to the other elves, who cheered for him.

This went on like for an hour until Licht was finally out of the Grimoire tower, holding onto his Grimoire. Licht stares at it as he walks away from the tower. Thousands of thoughts were roaming in his mind as he stares at it.


The elf turned to see an elf about his age or older than him, hurrying towards him. He had black and white wild hairs and tan colored skin.

"Hello Rhya."

"Come on man!" The lazy elf whined, "Don't leave me in there with the others. I know you had a lot of fun after having that." He was referring to the four leaf clover Grimoire.

"With a special Grimoire like this, comes with a lot of responsibility." Licht smiled, "I just wanted to clear my head a little after getting this. I'm thrilled but... I don't know."

Rhya made a sound, "Tsk, come on, Licht. You have sword magic, similar to light magic. You have such strong control with mana. You are loved by everyone here. You took steps for this tribe and become its successor. Of course you are ready for this huge responsibility!"

Licht could give a soft look, "Thank you Rhya. That truly means a lot."

They soon reached a tree, filled with many braches and leaves. They both sat side by side. Rhya leaned on the tree and yawned.

"Copy magic, huh? Greeeaaaat." Rhya pulls his Grimoire out. It was blue dark and had a three leaf clover on it. He then sighed "Well, I guess this is kind of fitting for someone whose as empty as I am, right?" He chuckled at the thought.

"Actually Rhya, you're the kindest person I've known." Licht says as he looks up at the sky.

Rhya looks at his friend in mild surprise, "Huh? What makes you say that?"

Licht chuckled looking at him with a big smile, "You see people for who they are and you could always find the good in them. I suppose that's why you have that magic."

Rhya was confused by this, "It's because I like people?"

"You can't use it without first observing them and understanding someone. It means you're kind."

Rhya blinked for a while. He then softly smiled, looking up at the sky, "I guess I can take that as a compliment. But if I have to choose someone kind... then it's you, Licht."


Within the center of the dungeon, Licht was dormant within his slumber as the immense bright light and excessive mana surrounding him. His heart beat was loud, echoing through the entire room. The royal knights had already invaded the dungeon. One of the team, consisting of only the four members of the golden dawn gazed upon the bright light and enormous mana surrounding Licht artificial body as he continued to slumber in peace.

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