Chapter 50 (Friendship within Comrades)

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"My, you were in quiet a hurry to leave Yami's side, weren't you?"

"If it means not to listen to his dumping episodes, then so be it."

William gives out a hearty laugh as he and Isabella walked side by side around the open hallway of the Golden Dawn head quarters. They, along with the other Golden Dawn mages had returned from Kiten to rest up for the time being.

"Well, we Captains... pretty much get used to it since it's a constant thing he talks about."

"Speaking of constant, now I'm the one talking about it."

William burst into laughter, though, quickly stopping himself from it as he quickly shut his mouth with his right hand. He knew that it was becoming unwell of him. The great Captain of the Golden Dawn laughing out loudly. The other mages stop by their works and chattering, just to hear their captain's laughter. It made them wonder, for how one blind girl can ever make the calm William Vangeance laugh so much?

William finally calmed his laughter, now facing Isabella who walked, looking straight. He cleared his throat, "Now with all the commotion settles off from Kiten, the Wizard King has given another star. One for defeating the shining mages of Diamond Kingdom and for restoring Kiten to its original state."

"If I may ask, how many stars do we have this year?"

"I honestly do not know that. Aside from the fact that we previously received a total of eighty six stars at the Distinguish Ceremony. After that, the Wizard King decided to keep the record of stars with him; of course we still have to do everything in order to safeguard the Kingdom."

"Lord Julius has such a record to surprise us, doesn't he?"

William chuckled, "He sure does."

"Get away from my Yuno, you!"

They stooped to notice a small pixie in a aura of green, who heatedly glared at the other members of the golden dawn. The little fairy was in between the members and Yuno, who was a witness to the situation with his usual annoyed expression. He sure was irritated by his spirit guardian.

"You touch my Yuno and you all will be dead meat!"

"Belle, calm down." Yuno sighed with an annoyed look on his face.

Belle turned to Yuno with a happy smile, "Don't worry Yuno, my darling. I'll make sure to ease all your pain away."

Isabella can only see was purple when looking at the little fairy. Since the fairy is made from magic herself, her entire color was purple. Her patterns consisted of majestic patterns of winds and sparkling crystals. She assumed it could be due to her being a wind spirit.

William chuckled, "The Wind Spirit that Yuno has acquired has indeed attached itself quite much with our diligent youngster, hasn't she?"

Isabella simply nodded with a smile, "Why don't we go and say our greetings to them?"

With that in mind, they both approached Yuno. The mages, who Belle was glaring with earlier, left the scene as soon as Belle stopped glaring at them.

"Hello Yuno."

Yuno turned to see Isabella and William approaching them.

"Hello Isabella. Greetings Captain Vangeance." Yuno give a small nod in greeting.

"Why hello there Yuno." William smiled.

"Hello Belle." Isabella smiled at the Wind Spirit.

Belle dashed towards Isabella, facing her, "Hi Bella, good to see you."

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