Into the Mind of a Teenager.

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The sun sets, 

And rises the next day

The wind blows

Water runs.

This is the basics that the world runs on. To know that the world will continue to turn, that the sun will come back into view in a few hours time. Every human will be concerned when the world stops turning, when the sun is no longer in view for nearly half the world. The human race would be driven into insanity. But not just the humans that will be affected. Animals all over the planet would sense the change. Birds will be driven into flocks of crazed confusion. Land animals will seek refuge. The world will be driven into confusion, utter confusion. 

But will the world stop turning? And if so, why? The questions that haunt the mind of a bored teenager. The questions that are thought such into depth that this teenagers mind is reeling with the possibility that the world could possibly stop turning. Honestly, what would cause such an occurrence. What would possibly stop the world from turning? I haven’t a clue, I’m asking you.  

But then, there’s millions of questions going through the mind of this teenager. Some as minute as what ill be eating for dinner. Than there’s the crazed questions as what will happen when we, as a civilization, reach the end of the Mian calendar. Will we all contract some unknown virus from the depths of the world, and all fall dead? Will the world plunge into world war three, nuclear? The impossibilities of the future leaves me questioning the possibilities of the randomness, if that possibly makes sense. 

The impossibilities of the future leave me awake some nights. I lay in my comfortable bed in a small town, wondering what could be happening across the world. What could they be suffering, enduring. While I’m laying in a bed, warm and fed, worrying about something that should not be on my mind. I should be worried more about what children my age are going through, rather than something I could not possibly predict, or even try to predict. 

Although, the human race is known to worry about things they shouldn’t burden themselves about. Humans have a natural curiosity of the future. Since the time of advanced technology, humans have stared off into space, thinking about the future. Wondering if there’s a way they could change the ultimate future. Scientist sit in labs trying to create a machine that should not be made. A machine that could potentially change everything about the future. 

Some even bother to think about the past, to doom their every thoughts with their pasts. Some people burden their minds with regrets, therefore shadowing every decision that they will ultimately make. The worlds of a real life teenager; regrets are something that should be thought through once, than forgotten. 

Personally, I have more worries to think about rather than the past. I may think into the past, but to worry and over think about the past is a waste of time. As my psychology teacher says; ‘you only live approximately 30,000 days, why waste away one of those days with your head stuck in the past.’ 

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