The Value of Life

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Full of unknowns 


Life is full of unpredictable moments, its full of things that you might not understand, but hopefully will learn to accept. I think life is so incredibly inspiring, and moving that some of us aren’t ready for the full force of life. I think in moments of anxiety, people over think and over do things which may put their life paths on hold. But its alright to over think, without over thinking sometimes your left vulnerable, and some people can not accept that as a possibility, over thinking is alright.  But then there is a line you must draw in order to move forth with life, in order to continue that path that you walked away from. And its very important to stay on a path. And this path should have something at the end, a goal really. Because without that goal at the end of the path, why wonder down said path. Why take that risk and potentially be vulnerable when you have no need to be. 

Life is precious, its valuable. Its something that you cant ignore or put to the side. Life is more than just being alive. Is about the experiences, lessons and values you learn along the way. Life is about watching the sun set, or rise, sometimes. Its about smelling the flowers, watching the birds fly. Life is about many different things. Its about your view on the world. About how you see this incredibly diverse, inspirational, crazy world. Life is about what you get out of something, if you learn from your mistake, or rather repeat the mistake. And if you don’t understand that life is all these things, and much more, you are dumb. Simple as said. If you don’t learn from your mistake, after making that mistake, you are dumb. And if you repeat that mistake numerous times, obviously you need to step back and realize that things are wrong, that you’ve wondered off your adequate path. 

I think today’s generation needs to learn to step back a little. To step away from Hollywood, from magazines, from technology a little and realize the beauty that surrounds you. Look at the trees, they help you breath, they give you shade and beauty. The birds, how they glide along with the winds, moving from place to place just by a flick of their wing. The sun, coming and going daily, giving us warmth and energy. Mother earth is here for something more than just a home for our feet to walk upon. Its here from some freak explosion billions of years previously. And we, as a generation or rather a species, need to step back and realize all these incredibly things.  Realize that oil and money is ruining the world. And that there is more to this world than money. Our ancestors walked on this world before us, hundreds of years before oil and money. Before technology, and cars. They lived civilly with more inner peace than I see in anyone around me. 

Life is more than is appears. And this species, humans, must learn to understand and evolve. Because without that opportunity to evolve and understand, we’ll run into the ground for sure.  

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