Chapter 2: Ye Sui's Beauty

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Chen Shu looked her quietly for a few seconds. His eyes were pale and unrestrained and he only said a few words, "Whatever you say." His eyes were indifferent. Whatever Ye Sui had said, those words seemed to have been put on a piece of white paper, without any trace of emotion.

After speaking, Chen Shu turned around, went to the sofa and sat down, looking down at his cell phone.

Hearing Chen Shu's reply, Ye Shui breathed a sigh of relief.

Her dilemma related to ghost outside the door was lifted and the divorce plan was put on hold for a while. Ye Sui could not help but look at Chen Shu again, purely indebted.

Chen Shu was wearing a simple T-shirt, but it seemed as if his was superior to others. It was a perfect look.

It was totally inconceivable that this was the rumored Third Young Master of Chen Family, who has hard-luck and a lonely personality. Because Chen Shu never grew up in Chen's household when he was young, the outside world did not know that Master Chen had a little son. He had a very cold temper and did not like to communicate with others.

Chen Shu received nothing. Chen Family 's business was big and did not fall into his hands, but he lived with family trust funds. Others would say Chen Shu was good-looking, but he was a good for nothing.

After admiring, Ye Sui took back her sight, she suddenly realized that there was no ghost in the living room. Are there ghosts anywhere else in the house?

The thought that there might be ghosts in the house gave Ye Sui goose bumps. She hurried around, staring at every corner of the room in fear of missing a place. Ye Sui stopped and moved. Her movements wasn't small, but Chen Shu on the sofa seemed to be unaware. Ye Sui walked around back and forth, turned her head to take a glimpse at Chen Shu.

Chen Shu seems to be immersed in his own world. Even if Ye Shui demolished the house, Chen Shu's eyebrows would not wrinkle. For he did not care and it didn't matter.

It was not until she was sure that there was no ghost in the whole room that Ye Sui was relieved.

Ye Sui received a short text message from Renjie, her agent, and asked her to come to the company. She put down her cell phone and laid in bed, thinking about today's events. It was either living in a confused and strange world or accepting reality and striving to live. She chose the latter.

Before going to bed, Chen Shu's face flashed by. Chen Shu seemed to be a man of few words. They should get along well with each other, even if they were not familiar with each other, they could give it a try.

The light in Chen Shu's room was still on and the mobile phone was ringing. The slender finger scratched across the screen and he answered the phone.

The man on the other side greeted, "President."

Chen Shu's expression did not change. He only gave a faint sound, "Hmm?"

"Pei Ning's contract is about to expire. Her agent has been talking to us about the contract recently."

Pei Ning? Chen Shu thought of a person who often wanders in the corridor outside his office not too long ago. His secretary told him that it was Pei Ning, an artist under the company.

Chen Shu didn't care at all, "You go discuss it."

The next day around 9am.

Ye Sui didn't forget her manager's words. After she got up and washed, she was ready to go to the company, but before going out, Ye Sui stopped. She didn't forget about the ghosts outside her door last night.

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