Chapter 16

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We've only been Juniors for a little over a month and I can already tell it's going to be a long school year. I'm doing IB this year so the only time I get to see Dean in school is sometimes in the hall and at lunch, and as homework starts piling on the less time we get to see each other.

"I can not believe you eat that crap." I say eyeing his cafeteria lunch.
"Because A) It's cheap B) I'm too lazy to get up and make my own lunch and C) they give you candy bars every Thursday!"
I laugh at him, shaking my head.
He looks over at my food. "And what are you eating? It's something green so it must be gross."
"It's called a wrap. It's basically a chicken salad in a tomato tortilla thing... well actually that's exactly what it is."
"You know what? Your weird. One day your eating all healthy and then the other your eating a bag of chips and drinking a liter of soda."
"I do not drink soda, you know that!" I defend. He chuckles.

Then someone walks up next to us. "Can I sit with you guys?" He asks, looking at me.
"Yeah, of course." I smile. "This is Dean," I point at Dean. "Dean, this is Lucas."

Lucas and I have been friends since the second week of Junior year, he's the "new guy" to the school. Smart as hell though. He has blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Hi," Dean gives a half smile to him. He seems dazed, I don't understand why, though. I touch his leg to get him out of it. He looks at me in a questioning way.
"Hey," Lucas responds as he puts his tray down.
"So, uh, you new here?" Dean looks at him, too sharply.
Lucas nods. "Yeah, I am." He says it as if he's ashamed.
"Dean," I speak up, glancing at him. "was new last year, too."
"Really? That's cool, do you like it here?"
"Yeah," Dean says and his eyes slide over to me. "I do."
My cheeks heat up when he does that. He gives me a little smirk as he continues to stare at me. It's like he's holding me down with his eyes and I can't move. Then Lucas coughs awkwardly and we snap out of it.

After a few minutes of awkward conversations lunch is over.

I walk with Dean down a long hallway, where at the end we'll split for our separate classes.

"So what'd ya think?" I question, trying to keep up with his fast pace.
"What I'd think of what?"
"Oh," He shrugs. "He's a'ight I guess."
"Really? You acted strangely around him."
"What do you mean?" He glances over his shoulder.
"Er, I don't know. Just when he came over you got all tense like and dazed."
"I just don't like meeting new people I guess."

I let the conversation drop as we come to the end of the hall.

He turns to me. "I guess I'll see ya when I see ya." He sighs. I nod but not in the agreement way more like: "yeah, I guess so, whatever" type of thing.


Me: Hey, you awake?
Sent at 12:22 a.m
Dean 🐳: Yeah. Can't sleep again?
Sent at 12:30 a.m
Me: Nope.
Dean 🐳: Wanna get some Wendy's?
Sent at 12:38 a.m
Me: Hell yeah.

It takes him until 1:04 a.m to arrive at the end of my driveway.

We have to drive to another town to get to a Wendy's that is opened all night. When we get there we order one beverage and one large fry.

"You know, you're a pretty awesome boyfriend." I state. "I bet ninety seven percent of the boyfriend population don't take their girlfriend or boyfriend to Wendy's at one forty-six in the morning just because they couldn't sleep."
"Well if it makes me any worse, I was starving before you texted me."
I roll my eyes in a silly way. "I'm trying to give you the awesome-boyfriend-of-the-year-award here, can you not?" I say trying to sound like the "whitest teenage girl ever", especially at the last part.
He chokes on his fry. I laugh at him. His face is red from laughter and he has his head bent down on his arm.
"Calm down, it wasn't that funny." I say throwing a fry at him.
He lifts his head up, still laughing. "If only you could've seen your face when you said it... and your voice." He cracks up again and I can't help but laugh more, and I bet the people working tonight hate us.
"You are such a dork." I smile and shake my head.
"I'm sorry, am I a mirror?"
"What- oh, whatever." I smile more.
He winks at me.

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