Chapter 17

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"Dean, there are no connections what-so-ever. I can't find anything that points to a hunt." I say into the phone. It's Saturday night now and I've already visited all the homes of the people who died and where they were killed, and did almost all research I could find on their killers.
"Cas take a breath." He replies. I do as told and take a deep breath. "You need to think. Was there anything in common at the houses? Maybe same decoration style or something. Are their family members strange? Do they have questionable neighbors? Any job or school relations? Maybe where they were born..."
"No there was nothing I can think of." I rest my head on my fingers, looking down at the papers on the motel's desk I sit at. "The only weird thing was at one of their houses they had a stuffed bob cat thing and it was creepy as fuck." I laugh.
"Were there any other animal parts at the other houses?" He asks.
"Um..." I close my eyes trying to think. "Maybe, I'm not sure."
"Well maybe try getting back into those houses and checking." I hear his dad's voice in the phone and then Dean replying.

There's a long pause before he replies. "Cas I have to go, I'll call you when I can." Then he hangs up giving me no chance to reply. I turn off my phone and drop it on the desk.
Research time.

After hours of searching, up into the early a.m's, I decide I might've found something.

The thing is called a Tupilaq [also spelled Tupilak...].

Tupilaq was an avenging monster fabricated by a practitioner of witchcraft by using various objects such as animal parts (bone, skin, hair, sinew, etc.) and even parts taken from the corpses of children. The creature was given life by ritualistic chants.

If it is what I'm hunting it would definitely explain that creepy-ass deceased cat on the wall.

I jolt awake to the sound of my phone going off. Having not noticed I even fell asleep, I was lying half-on the motel's desk. I wipe my mouth and look around. I grab at my phone lazily and answer it, then lie my head back on my arm.

"Huh." I say meaning to have said "Hi."
"Dude, you all right?" Dean asks.
"Mm, yeah I am." I yawn.
"Did you just wake up?"
"Yeah... kinda... maybe."
I hear him tittering on the other side of the phone. "Anyways, have you gotten any further?"
"I don't know. I have an idea, but nothing legit." He stays quite and it takes me awhile to catch on. "Oh yeah, Tupilaq-" I fumble on the name. "-however you say it. That's something possible I guess, I need to find more on it and what not. Have you heard of it?"
"Um... I don't believe so but I'll check it out."
I hear him clicking at a keyboard.
"Sam just walked in, I'll text you later." He says then hangs up. I remove the phone from my ear and just lay my head on the desk for a while.


After hours of more research I decide to check on the houses of the people who were killed.

I push my hands further down in my pockets as I walk in the chilly dark night.

It doesn't feel like a hunt without Dean, and him being gone makes it a lot more boring. It's kind of just pointless without him here.

I sigh, interrupting the crickets and frogs. As I approach the neighborhood something catches my eye. It must be a fire, but it's not outside. It comes from inside someone's house, in their basement to be exact. But it's not your normal fire, like one that would be in a fireplace, but it's tall and sparky and held in something small. I stare into the window from the sidewalk and then someone walks up to the fire and sits by it. It's odd because the- what I assume to be girl- throws something in the fire and sits crisscross-applesauce right next to it and starts talking. I slowly creep up to the window to get a better look. She's chanting something in a different language and has her hands up halfway, like if she's summoning something.

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