Chapter 15

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I try to remain calm. We know almost nothing about this Djinn thing. Nothing at all. Cas might not be rescued this time if we don't hurry up.

I race back into my hotel room to find my dad, who isn't here. "Where's dad?" I ask Sam quickly.
"Went to buy something, or whatever." He shakes his head then looks up from his laptop. "What's wrong?"
I hesitate. "Uh nothing, I just want to get this case on a role. We gotta be back home in two days."
"Yeah, so wanna go try to figure out where the people were taken?" He suggests as he types away on his laptop.
"Great idea. I'll be in the car." I grab my keys and go.

We spend hours trying to link the missing kids. There is close to nothing in common.

I map where the three of them were taken while Sam researches more facts on the djinn.

It's weird for a Jinn to be in a busy place like New York, usually they hide away in the darkness, isolated from everyone else. So I go off of that and look for abandoned warehouses.
It takes the rest of the day and all night to track it down, when I get an idea of where it might be. I push away from the desk, jumping to my feet. "I think I got something." I tell them then move towards the door.


It is an abandoned warehouse that is slowly but surely falling apart.

There is a whole bunch of plastic wrap hanging from the ceiling when we walk in.
"What the hell?" I mutter as Sam and I push forward. I keep my eyes wide opened and pray that my dad gets here with the lamb's blood quick enough.

It's hard to scout out the place with all this plastic wrap in our way, plus it's a huge building.
"Dean, I think I found something." I hear Sam call. I trot over to him. There are multiple bodies hanging, their hands pulled above their heads and wrists tied together. There is a lot more than what was reported. Maybe twelve or fifteen, and most of them look deceased. "Well shit." I say, then I feel something on my shoulder. I pull away quickly, turning around and ready to fight but luckily it's just my dad. I sigh, and rub at my face.

"Dip up," He says sticking a jar of blood out to us. I dip my silver knife in first, then Sam, then dad. After that we start checking the bodies.

"I think they're all dead." My dad says. My heart drops into my stomach. Then Sam yells. "I think this one is still alive over here!"
I run over to him and am overjoyed when I recognize the face. It's Castiel, thank god. But he looks terrible. If we don't get him out soon, he might as well be dead. Luckily Sam doesn't notice him, though. I check his pulse, yep, still alive. "How do we wake him?" I look at my dad.
He shakes his head. "They have to wake themselves, I believe there is nothing we can do."
"Although there is something we can try to help." Sam says.
"What?" I say too quickly I can feel my dad looking at me funny.
"It's just a mixture of things, when you drink it it's supposed to help your brain realize things. It also makes you really hyper. A lot of teenagers use it to help them study. But basically it's just to wake your brain up some. Don't know if it'll work on them though..."
I look at him funny. "How do you know that?"
He shakes his head. "No reason." He lies, it doesn't even answer the question.
"Well let's give it a shot then. Why don't you take Sam to make that weird stuff while I camp out for this Jinn guy." I suggest. My dad wears a worried look on his face but he goes relentlessly.

It takes them a lot longer to gather the stuff than I assumed; it's been two hours now. Luckily a few minutes after they come running in.
"Anything?" My dad asks. I shake my head at him. Sam pours something out of a bottle into a shot glass then opens Cas' mouth to pour it in. I close my eyes.

Please work. Please work.

I open them back up, Sam is on the second and last person. It takes an eternity for anything to happen.Then the girl's hand begins twitching. It takes me awhile to notice. I'm sitting next to Cas but not too close, but I have our pinkies linked in the dark so Sam can't see. "Sam, the girl." I say jumping over to her. "I think she's waking up!" My dad then runs over to us to help. We sit her up and she begins coughing. No. Not coughing. She's muttering. "Help."

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