Chapter 13

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It's been a few weeks since our vacation and we haven't seen each other in a while, plus summer is coming to an end already. It went by too fast, it still feels like it just started to me.

"Summer and school should swap places. So most of the year is vacation and just a little part of it is school." I say, spinning around in Dean's desk chair.
"I'm down with that. Where's the petition so I can sign it in a thousand different names?"
I laugh.

"Say, if we weren't friends, what would you be doing right now?"
"Hm, probably playing video games or something." I reply.
Dean tosses up a bouncy ball and catches it, then repeats, while sitting on his bed.
"Oh, by the way, there's this end of summer party happening tomorrow. I got invited and told I can bring someone... wanna be my plus one?"
"Yeah, sure." He agrees.

Dean's door opens and I glance over to see who it is. It's Sam. I nod at him in the "'sup" kind of way. He just gives me an effortless half smile. "Dad wants you, also can I borrow your iPod?" Sam asks. Dean moans. "Fine, I'll be there in a few seconds, and the last time you had my iPod you left it out in the rain."
"That was when I was, like, eight." Sam argues.
"Fine," Dean says relentlessly then tosses Sam his iPod. Sam exits the room then Dean says, "Be right back." and follows.

I spin my inhaler around, puffing my cheeks out. I spin around so I'm facing his desk, looking at the picture with his mom in it.

After a while he comes back in. "Uh, he wants me to work a case." He says, pushing the door shut behind him. "So I guess I won't be able to go to that party."
"Okay. When do you leave?"
"A few minutes..."
"I guess we won't be back until school starts; we're going to New York."
I run my hand through my hair.
"Need help packing?" Is all I say. It's been two and a half weeks since we last saw each other and now he's leaving again. Then school starts, which we have no classes together, I have band, and God knows his dad is gonna keep him busy.

"I'm sorry," He says in a quiet tone.
"There's nothing to be sorry about." I say, tossing a shirt from his closet to him.
"Then why are you upset?"
"I'm not."
"Bullshit," He walks to his dresser to grab some more stuff. I take his place where he was previously standing in front of his bag. I organize, for he had just thrown everything in.
He walks up by me, shoving a few things in the bag- which I take out anyways.
I feel him staring at me. I don't look back, just finish organizing his bag.

He touches me with his index and middle finger, just under my elbow.
"My dad just wants to stay busy so he won't think of his friend that recently got killed, you know, the one-"
"Yeah I know, Jeff. I understand. That's why I'm not upset." I zip up his bag. I turn around, pausing to look at him for a brief second, then grab my own bag off the ground. "I should go."

I go to his window even though I can exit through the door, just a habit of mine, anyways my bike's down here.
"Wait." He says.
"Huh?" I don't turn around.
"What if you could come?"
"Dude, remember that no one can know I know what you do?"
"You could hide. I'd convince my dad to let me take my own car and then I'll just book you a hotel room a few rooms down. It could work."
"I don't know, Dean. That's extremely risky." I turn to face him.
"I know. But me and my dad end up splitting anyways. Please?"
"Your dad would kill you if he found out."
"I know. Please?"
I don't say anything.
"Cas, you once told me you like dangerous, this is, in a way, dangerous..."
I roll my eyes. "Whatever. I'll go."
Dean gets way too excited.
"Thank you," He says, grabbing my hands in his, intwining our fingers and pushing our hands up. He smiles then kisses me. We haven't kissed in forever it seems like. Apparently it seems like that way to him too because once our lips part he puts his cheek next to mine for a second, smiling. I smile this time too.

We pack a small bag for me so I can have a few extra change of clothes. Dean eventually gets his dad permission for him to drive his own car then informs him that he's "not yet packed" and will catch up later so his dad and Sam leave a few minutes before us.

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