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Undesired Hell [ Destiel AU ] by fairydimples
Undesired Hell [ Destiel AU ]by babypadalecki
Castiel knew heartbreak enough, especially after the deaths of his brothers, to leave him unwilling to live. But now he knew what falling in love felt like too. An indes...
Masks (Destiel AU) by spn_fandom_spn
Masks (Destiel AU)by spn_fandom_spn
Destiel high school AU Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak, both new and both quick to become jocks. Dean wears a mask every day to hide what he's really feeling and as hi...
The demanding life of a teenager [Destiel AU] by ibelieveinpie
The demanding life of a teenager [ v
Supernatural High School AU. Dean, Sam and John Winchester moved from place to place after Mary Winchester passed away. When they this time settle down in a small town...
Down with the Sickness by duckies1127
Down with the Sicknessby Duckies1127
Cas has just gotten his grace back but is having a few problems with his powers and it gets him into trouble
Just Say Yes by Dr_hanne_watson
Just Say Yesby Dr_hanne_watson
Cas, Dean, and Sam find themselves undercover in a gay bar for a case after several gay men, who attended this bar quite often, disappeared. Some things happen 'solely f...
anonymity was never an option by hannagustin
anonymity was never an optionby just another writer
A college Destiel AU fic. Castiel Novak is 20 years old, and on the verge of a mental break down just about every damn day of his life. He went to college to live up to...
Teach Me by johnlox
Teach Meby johnlox
Castiel is a college student. Dean is a professor. It's not allowed. {recently completed} ©2017
Brothers (Destiel AU) by Geekstiel
Brothers (Destiel AU)by Geekstiel
Dean and Cas have been dating for a while now, secretly, but what will happen when Cas' mom and Dean's dad gets married and they become stepbrothers?
In This Secluded Spot I Respond As I Wouldn't Dare Elsewhere by RhymePhile
In This Secluded Spot I Respond RhymePhile
It's 1995, and Castiel's high school years are destined to be difficult: home-schooled until eighth grade, he is awkward, shy, and socially inept. The weird kid with the...
Destiel One-Shots by Fanwarrior480
Destiel One-Shotsby destiel trash
Just a series of one-shots/random stuff that I might put in here for Destiel (there probably isn't gonna be any serious smut and tbh I wouldn't be surprised if Sabriel s...
Destiel AU by soulpunkmaddie
Destiel AUby Maddie
When a not-so-popular-Dean Winchester goes to a party in hopes of meeting the infamous Castiel Novak, will sparks fly like he hoped they would? Or will their love crash...
Hey Angel || Destiel Soul Mate AU by invisibleballs
Hey Angel || Destiel Soul Mate AUby Evie
Imagine a world where you have your soulmate's name tattooed on your wrist. It start to appear when you turn 13. When you meet your soulmate tattoo start to glow in the...
One Less Voice (Destiel/Sabriel) by 1893Chicago
One Less Voice (Destiel/Sabriel)by Jordan
The Winchesters flee to Pontiac Illinois after Dean becomes a selective mute. There they find a family who can save him.
Then and Now by Moosifer_bilinski
Then and Nowby Sophia
Sam and Dean had a happy life, until one night the two young boys witness their parents murders. Now they hop from foster home to foster home, stuck in an unfair system...
Teacher Things || A Destiel Fanfic by -KingCrowley-
Teacher Things || A Destiel Fanficby _Hellfire_
Dean is a teacher at a high school, he hates his job with a passion, but he stays anyway because he has to get money somehow. He is told to show the new guy around, Cast...
New Classic by imtheonlydoctor
New Classicby Ciara
People think that all Dean Winchester cares about is fame and the money. But, that's just a rumor that stayed stuck to him. He loved the sound of music and how it made h...
The Teacher's Husband (Destiel AU) by Boredteenagefangirl
The Teacher's Husband (Destiel AU)by that bitch
Castiel Novak is a photography teacher at a high school in Los Angeles. Dean Winchester is a YouTuber with over 8 million subscribers. What neither Castiel's students no...
Locked up [Destiel Prison AU] by ibelieveinpie
Locked up [Destiel Prison AU]by v
Meet Castiel Novak. He is 34 years old. An older brother. Uncle to two. Educated lawyer. Former place of residence: Pontiac, Illinois. Current place of residence: Prison...
the butterfly project | destiel by vagabondboy
the butterfly project | destielby 𝑔𝒶𝒷𝑒
in a world where everything your soulmate writes on their skin appears on yours, a young boy named dean winchester has been seeing butterflies appear all up and down his...
Camp and Colors (destiel, sabriel, Michifer, etc. AU) by all_hail_misha
Camp and Colors (destiel, Lea
Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer, etc. summer camp AU ~Warning: hella gay~ ---------------------------- In this universe, a person will not see color until they get close to t...