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Chapter 12

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"I'm never taking you on a road trip again!" Dean yells over the music.
"AND WE DANCED ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST SONG EVER!" I scream way out of tune.
"How do you even know this song?!"
I ignore him and keep singing, yelling random words when I don't know the lyrics, which is every part other than the verse and chorus (and even then I'm 90% sure I'm singing it wrong). I turn it down as the song finishes.
"You're such a dick." He laughs.
"Don't criticize my music." I say.
He rolls his eyes.

The windows are down and we just past into Florida.
"How much longer do we got?"
"About three hours."
We stopped to sleep for about five hours on the way so now it's seven in the morning.
I sigh and put my feet up on the dash, leaning my head against the door frame.

We sit in silence for a while. "Hey, Dean?" I say even though I know he's there.
"How are we going to get in to Disney world? Did you just happen to bring hundreds of dollars?"
He thinks about this. "Um.." he thinks about it for a minute, "do you want to look up how much the tickets are?"
"Sure," I grab my phone out of my pocket. It takes like five thousand years to load but once it does I say; "Okay so we could go to Magic Kingdom one day for about two-hundred ten, or one of the other parks for one day for about one-hundred ninety four. Or we could get the one day park hopper for about three-hundred ten." I titter at the last one, knowing there's no way in hell we would get that.
"We might be able to do the one-hundred ninety-four. Want to count my cash?"
"Sure." I sit up.
He hands me his wallet and I begin counting.

"Okay, you have two-hundred seventeen, and then I have twenty." I say.
"We could go but, Cas, that leaves us with about forty-three dollars, and we need money for food and gas."
"We could steal... I've done it before, but then again that was because I was in need for food and not to go to Disney world." I laugh.
"When were you in need of food?" He glances at me.
"Oh, just when I went out of town and stuff."
"Were you not smart enough to bring money with you?"
"Dude, I was like ten. I thought twenty dollars would do."
"How did you get away with it? You must have been pretty bad ass." He snorts.
"It's a trick I learned; you go up to someone as if you knew them, hug them, very slickly pull money out of their pocket, pull away, notice the strange look on their face, apologize and say you thought they were someone else. If they feel your hand go in their pocket though, you're fucked."
"Damn," He says in surprise. "You got to show me when we get there, just to make sure you're not lying."
"Kay," I say.


"ORLANDOOOOO!" Dean yells. I jump up, grabbing the door frame. Then I throw my head back groaning. "You scared the hell out of me Dean." I say punching his arm. "Ow! Jesus, man." He laughs.
"What's he gonna do about it?" I ask.
"Huh?" He says confused.
"Jesus; what is he gonna do about it?"
He still looks puzzled for a second then he does a silent "Ohhh" when he understands. "Whatever, man." He rolls his eyes with a laugh.

I look out the window. There is a guy in swim-shorts and slicked back blonde hair walking on the sidewalk, skateboard in hand. "Pull over."
"Why?" Dean asks but does as told.
I look over to him and smirk then open the door and walk out.

I walk through the crowd and towards to the guy. "Aw, hey man!" I say as cool as possible. I clap his hand then pull him into a short hug. "Do I know you?" He asks as we pull away.
"Dawson, right?" I say.
"Nah, man. Name's Jake." He shakes his head.
"Oh dude, I'm so sorry. I thought you were my friend. You look exactly like him, man!"
"Hey, it's no big deal man, don't fret." He says.
We clap our hands together again then part ways.

I walk back to the car and get in. Dean just looks at me with a questioning look. I slap my hand to his chest, leaving a twenty dollar bill. I smirk. He grabs it and inspects it. "Damn; well played." He says impressed. I nod.

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