1: Bewitched

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Third person P.O.V

In the silence of the night, the screams of many males were echoing, giving goosebumps to everyone who could hear them clearly. They knew the reason for those screams, they knew the person who was the reason for those horrible screams, but they'd no courage to interfere, not on that specific night.

"We need to inform Sir. Kim." One of the males shivered when another scream echoed on the other side of the forest where a few rouges were living for the past few days.

"No one can control him, you know that." The other whispered back, feeling chills when the screaming just doubled over. They knew it better than anyone else, of course, better than those stupid rouges who provoked the raven-haired alpha on the wrong day, also using his family name, a big no-no.

The full moon was lightening the whole forest, giving a beautiful array of leaves shade over the ground that wasn't much filled with trash, good thing that humans lived away from that little beautiful heaven or they would have destroyed the clean and pure environment a long ago.

The place was famous among other a few packs of werewolves who knew the reasons behind that peace, peace? Well, can't be defined at the moment because of those blood-curdling screams but otherwise, the place was really peaceful.

"I- I think we should at least inform them, they might've not known yet of what's happening here."

"You think that? Come on, I just saw sir Kim rushing there with others behind him." Another one said who just came to join the little crowd gathered at a great distance from the place of the fight after he watched all the close friends of their alpha rushing there.

"They're always on high alert at full moon." The first one sighed but quickly rushed back when they saw someone coming running towards them. His clothes were torn, blood oozing from many parts of his body, and he was badly limping, panting, and trying his best to run but couldn't.

The little crowd quickly dispersed when they saw another person dangerously walking towards the former one, his steps big but collected, he was in his human form as well but his claws were drenched in blood, fangs bared, eyes bloodshot red, irises narrowed like that of a lion ready to pounce on his prey, skin red from many places as blood was splattered there, no not of himself but of those rouges.

Unlike other alphas, he was different in his appearance, not because he was the leader but because he wasn't a pure werewolf, his wolf hold many secrets just like his personality.

One of those young males shrieked when the alpha launched in front of the limping rouge and smirked devilishly. "Stop!" That wasn't a growl but wasn't less than a roar, that can give anyone goosebumps all over their body.

They all saw as their trainers and other respected people rushed there as well, some of them in their human forms while two alphas, Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi were in their wolf forms.

"Leave me, please- I was wrong- I- I didn't know.."

The alpha looked blankly at him, leaning forth that he was on the same level as the rouge wolf.

"ALPHA! please, leave him." A voice tried and they know it well. Kim Seokjin, their other trainer was slowly approaching him with great care while the other two wolves were already sneaking behind their alpha.

Those red, erect irises shifted to the source of the voice before letting out a low growl. They all flinched slightly when that unstoppable legendary alpha tore off the neck of the rouge right in front of their eyes in an instant when they couldn't do anything. Their wide eyes stared at the rolling head of that rouge before it stopped but it wasn't the end of the gore- some sight, they witnessed how that alpha crushed that head with his right foot.

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