First Day Jitters

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First days are always the hardest.

As soon as Uncle Ken, my driver dropped me off–I refused to interact with anyone. I walked straight to the rooftop of the esteemed Kocher High School of Bangkok. I push the metal door open and am greeted immediately by the soft breeze of spring. No one is usually up here but, I look around to make sure no one is there. Once the perimeter is clear, I go to sit by the stacked-up desks.

I open my backpack and take out my black notebook to continue writing my music. Lately, I've been in a type of inspiration coming into my brain to trigger lyrics. Since moving back to Bangkok a year ago, I haven't produced or written new or good songs. I don't know if it is because of this place or if I'm burnt out. My phone vibrates in my uniform jacket pocket, and I take it out to see Gorya is texting me.

Gorya: Where are you?

I texted back, I'm on the rooftop, wanna come?

Gorya: Nova, class is about to start. Did you not check the time?

"Shit." I hastily pack my things and run out of the rooftop, on the way to my first class.

I ran as fast as I could to my class. The door is still open so I skid to a stop and see most of the students are just finding their seats, no teacher insight. I locate Gorya to see she's already waving at me but, a new girl is sitting in my seat. I walk over while pointing at the stranger in confusion, and Gorya mouths, sorry, you were late.

I roll my eyes as I make my way to them. Gorya says, "Nova! Sit over here." She points to the seat in front of her. The girl with the white headband smiles at me, and I return the sentiment as I set my stuff in my new seat.

"Hana, this is one of my close friends Nova. She's from America too."

I turn around in my seat and send a small wave, "Hi. Where are you from in the States? I lived in San Francisco." Hana says to me, "Oh, I lived in New York. are you two friends?" Gorya and I meet eye contact before she says, "I saw and heard her singing on the rooftop once, she has such a beautiful voice. That she never shares." Gorya narrows her eyes at me, and I give her the same expression back.

She continues sharing, "So, I introduced myself. She told me she recently transferred here, and I didn't have any friends so, we naturally become friends."  I point at her and replied, "More like you wouldn't leave me alone, and forced me to become friends with you." 

Gorya throws an eraser at me and I catch it while laughing. She shook her head and whispered to Hana, "Nova doesn't like sharing this but, her mom is the head neurosurgeon/specialist at Aira Hospital."

I narrow my eyes at Gorya, "I don't like it when you throw me under the bus."

Hana is suddenly intrigued and asks me, "So why did you apply to Kocher High School?"

I shrugged, "My mother suggested it, well more so forced me to come here. But, I regret it now probably already know."

Hana nods in understanding, "But, how did you guys become friends since Nova comes from a notable family. No offense Gorya."

Gorya and I chuckle, she says, "No offense taken." She looks at me and rests her chin on her knuckles and playfully asks, "Why did you become friends with me?"

I sigh, "It was either Gorya or...", and I point at Jane and her group of friends, "...or them."

"I was never a fan of those people, always caring about superficial things, and bullying others...To answer your question about my family, my dad always told me to treat everyone equally no matter who they are. Plus Gorya is a good friend, I appreciate our friendship."

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