↳Eighth Letter

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Dean made a mess of his room. Anger. Such anger was built inside him. Memories of Arabella kept reminding him the times of joy. He remembers the time when he and Arabella went to the fair and he got her a massive teddy. Now that teddy sits in the corner of his room. He remembers the time when they went to a field with Sam and Castiel. They enjoyed the fireworks so much then. He remembers memories.

It hurts him, to think he would never experience them again with her, because he can't. He had a feeling, a gut feeling. Gone for a lone time? She says. Also means it'll takes years to see me again. It hurts him. He just feels this constant stabbing in the chest. He sat against his door, just letting his mind reel into memories.

He remembers the time they played around in the rain, hiding away from Sam so they could kiss, cuddling on the sofa talking about everything and anything, the text they sent each other, christmas and new years kiss. He remembers all the best memories. But he couldn't help himself to think about the bad memories.

He remembers the fights, the screaming and shouting at each other, the scream of Arabella's when she gets hurt, the blood, the silent days when they refuse to talk to each other, near death experience. He remembers, and it is stuck with him. His mind switches to think about Arabella. Arabella May Thompson.

Arabella May Thompson is one hell of a girl. She was beauty, she was grace, she would punch you in the face if you crossed the line with her. She didn't care if it was human or not. Cross that line of hers and you'll be fucked. Arabella was a hyper girl, she was immature but mature at the same time. She's sneaky and sarcastic. When meeting her you'll either get the rude introduction or if you're luckily the nice one.

She would act rude, she's not actually. She's the sweetest person,really. She would sacrifice herself in a heart beat. She's a good person to have a plan but it's usually a 50/50 weather it works or not. She's a terrible liar though, she may be sneaky but she cannot lie to save her life that is why she tends to stay away from getting caught.

Dean sighed. He needed something to eat. Maybe he could go out to a diner... Cas and Sam would be fine by themselves. He's sure Sam could find himself some food. Maybe he should go after he reads one letter. So once more he opened a letter, of course it was the eighth one, and began to read.

Dear Dean,

I want you to remember what we have gone through together. Can I write some right now? I want to tell you what is my favourite moments of us together. I hope you enjoy this letter, Dean. I assure you I had a blast writing this. Remembering these memories will make you smile.

First favourite memory was when we went bowling. I hardly went bowling and face it. I was crap at it so you helped me with it. I got better why you got badder. Or maybe I was just too good... Then you tried to be all show off. I'll admit it was cute when you try your hardest to impress me.

Second favourite memory was when we just lying in bed. You have calmed me down from a nightmare, your arms wrapped around me protectively. I had my head leaning on your chest. No words had to be spoken really. The constant beat of your heart calmed me, it told me you were alive. I wish I could hear your heart now, it would help to calm me.

Another favourite of mine was when you, me, Sam and Cas had a water fight inside. Cas having no idea what was going on, but picked up fairly quickly, and Sam being paranoid about water. Then you kissed me, making us both drenched from Sam throwing a bucket of water as us. I admit it was the most fun day off day. We all got to spend it as a family.

I'll tell one more, well more like write one more... Remember the moment when we just sat there cuddling on the sofa as the TV played in front of us? Just think back to our conversation, we were talking about if one of us died what would the other person do? We both agreed to not get them back because more problems evolve. Right? I don't know why but I had to mention this...

So Dean... Stop it, I can just feel you thinking about something incredibly stupid or you already made a mess in the room. You do realise that Sam nor Cas will clean up after you right? Meaning you have to be the one to clean it yourself. Now Dean don't do anything else that is stupid but what the hell I am only telling you through a letter.

By the way Dean, stop making your brother and your best friend worry. They're hurting because the way you are right now. Please Dean, when you finish reading all these letters. I don't want you to act like you're fine. I know you won't. So please stop masking all your emotions and let them help you. Please Dean, for me?

I love you, even if Heaven is filled with pricks and Hell is full of the nice guys.


Honestly, Dean could feel like the next letter would explain everything and it's not going to be pretty. Arabella was right though, he was making Sam and Castiel worry. Dean knew it as well. I just couldn't stop feeling the way he was. He knew the feeling will get worse. He took deep breaths. His eyes wandered as did his mind. Once again.

But his wondrous mind was cut off its thinking process when his stomach grumbled. Dean went out to his car after he told Sam and Castiel where he'll be going. His head was hurting, aching. He had to stop thinking. But he couldn't, his mind just raced.

He soon arrived at a diner. He sat in car for a bit before getting out. His shoved his hands in his coat pocket and made sure the coat was close to his body. He entered and hope to himself to find a distraction from his love, Arabella.

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