↳Second Letter

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Dean stared at the letter in his hands. He sat on his bed, next to him was a box of letter and they were all from the same person. Arabella. On the other side of him was a box of beer. It's going to take a while with the letters, there's got to be something to keep him awake. He sighed and turned it over, open the envelope and pulled out the letter. He slowly opened it and stared at the so familiar handwriting. He sighed and began to read.

Dear Dean,

Second Letter, Well. I actually don't know what I am doing right now with my life. Remember that witch we met? That good weird ass witch and she pulled me away for a bit to talk? Yeah her. Well you see she said something really important and it's hard to tell you. I don't want to stop you reading my letters, I wrote them for a reason Dean.

I just wanted to write to you what I love about you, personality wise. You're protective, it amazes me. Honestly Dean, after the times I fucked us over, you still think I am worth protecting over? You're incredibly funny. When times call humour, you're right there. Your jokes are honestly one of the best things in my day.

You're somewhat smart. Okay, don't hate me. But there are times where you just look like a dumb idiot. But hey, I love you don't I? You're brave or incredibly stupid. I admit, you're brave but brave is another word of stupidity. Dean, love. Calm down with being brave. You need to live for Sam! I don't want your stupidity of braveness fuck you over and causing you to die. Please be careful.

I can talk about you all day, it's you. You know what you are and capable of. Dean just please don't hurt Castiel when you find out, please. He's done so much things for me to protect you. I owe it to him, honestly. Thank his father that he's your angel. Just please spare him a thought, you couldn't even hurt him. If you even want to. Just think about it.

I love you, even if hell or heaven falls. I will still love you.


Dean slowly closed the letter and placed it next to the first letter. He took a swing of his beer then looking at the box of written notes to him. He stared at them, confused and pure hatred. Why? He was confused why you would write them and hated them that you couldn't tell him right away, he had to go through many letters. He wasn't even sure if it was in the last letter! He sighed and opened another bottle of beer then took a swing of it.

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