↳Third Letter

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Dean decided to leave the letters for now, he needed a distraction and the beers wasn't helping at all. He wasn't even drunk but then again he probably hate himself more for doing that. He decided to just have a car ride. A simple car ride. But of course he couldn't be apart from the box of letters. It was agony to not be with them. He feared someone will see them and read them all. But who will?

Castiel is a angel, he probably doing angel business. He wouldn't be in the bunker for a reason, he usually needs to talk to one of the Winchester boys to be in the bunker. And anyway if he is in the bunker for no apparent reason and saw the box of letters, he would probably understand what is in there. What has Arabella's hand decided to write.

But Sam. Oh Sammy. He'll see it. He'll come to Dean's room for something. He'll see the box, somehow even if it is hidden or not. He'll ask himself if he should, if he should to look and read. Two ways it can play out, he chose to ignore them and leave with what ever he needs or he choses to read them behind Dean's back.

That's why Dean brought it with him. He couldn't risk anyone else reading it, it was all addressed to him anyway, so why else does someone wants to read letters that aren't addressed to them? Dean stopped his baby in the middle of nowhere, hardly any cars come pass so he was practically alone. He got out of the car and sat on the hood of baby.

His curiosity got the better of him. He took one letter, the third one, out of its envelop. He looked up at to his surroundings as he felt the wind breeze. He looked down at the letter and opened it. It was of course the same handwriting.

Dear Dean,

I want you to stop. Stop thinking it's your fault when it's not! Okay? It kills me to hear you say it was your fault. Dean, please. I know I am pleading a lot but what can I say? It is better to write them for you than actually say it. I shouldn't put you down. Why don't we talk about the first time we met? Oh I loved the day, you made my day Dean.

Dean, when you were on that hunt that made you meet me due to the fact you needed information that I knew and you didn't. I knew you were coming. I had, what people say, a gut feeling and usually , and weirdly, it's right. When you knocked on my door posing as the FBI and I opened the door. When I saw your face, Dean Winchester. I knew.

I knew right from the start, it was you. Always been you. You were the one. The one for me. Dean, did you had the same feeling? When you spoke it made me melt in the inside. I was glad I get to tag along after that hunt, you guys really needed my help. Where you glad that I was joining because I remember your face show annoyance.

Ah, Sometimes I love remembering stuff, it makes me think how sometimes life is beautiful. How life can be for one person, how one person or thing can just changed someone's day. Thinking back helps you to change your perspective of something. Dean, I warn you though, don't think much about the past. Don't dwell in the past, sometimes looking in the future is good.

I love you to the heaven, to hell and back again. More than once.


Dean closed the letter and sighed. First time meeting her. Of course he had the same feeling as her. He didn't want to believe it. If he fell in love, he was risking a life. Wasn't he? That's why he showed annoyance when Arabella joined. Not because she was joining it was because he didn't want to risk her life. He didn't want to lose something that would mean so much to him. He just knew, she was the one. The one for him. But he couldn't let her slip away.

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