↳First Letter

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Dear Dean,

Sappy isn't it? Let me explain with letters. Read them carefully, okay? And promise this Dean, I never mean to hurt you.

I honestly didn't. That's why I had to kept it away from you and Sam. The thought of both of you knowing hurt me, it killed me. I couldn't keep it away from your angel, Castiel. I made him promise he wouldn't tell. Not until...well, just carry on reading my other letters. They should be numbered. This one the first letter. Read them how ever you want, once a day or read as much as you can in a day.

How ever way you want to read them, I don't care, you're bound to know. Just please, Dean, I swear to God, please read them carefully and take in all the words. It's going to hurt, I know. I never mean to. Honestly,Dean. I love you...

Love Arabella May Thompson

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