↳Sixth Letter

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The Next morning came rolling in. Dean had little sleep, meaning of little he just literally had two hours of sleep. His couldn't sleep. His mind was still racing with question. What does Castiel know? What did the witch say to Arabella? What is the point of these letters? Why Arabella? He sighed and got up as he saw the sun rising. Did his normal morning routine, but it was different. It wasn't normal, really. His normal routine involved Arabella.

He looked at himself in the mirror in disgust. Wanting to put his fist against it and hear the shattering noise as it slowly breaks and falls, like him. He sighed and pushes his hair back, he sat on his bed, puts his face into his hands. Thinking about the questions and the possible answers. He couldn't get enough. He looked over to the box, got the next letter and opened it.

Dear Dean,

I could never imagine we'd end up this way. After all that we went through now I'm fighting through the pain.I try to sleep but my eyes are open. I can't think cause my heart is broken and there's a bottle right next to me. I'll down a few drinks just to take the pain away. It's getting harder, Dean. It really is. You'll soon find out. Really close to finding out. You're trying your hardest and the hardest part is letting go of the nights we shared.

Now, most of the time we'd have too much to drink; and we'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything. Too young to notice, and too dumb to care. It all goes back to the first kiss.It was the one I thought I'd never miss. Maybe we were one of the lucky ones. You're finding out in the hardest way.The consequence of every mistake I've ever made. Baby what's it like to be alone?

As you probably realise I am quoting Mayday Parade. The songs that I listen by them are quiet fitting with our situation right now, in my honest opinion... Dean, have I ever told you that I love your eyes? They're beautiful honestly. I would hate to seem them cry. Just because of me? A girl you could easily move on from. Have I ever told you that I love your smile? Because it makes me smile knowing you are happy.

Dean, just trust me. I know you'll hate me after you find out. But you probably got an idea don't you? Dean. Dean Winchester. I'll never get over that I dated Dean Winchester. Dean, I still get the chills and the butterflies when I hear your name. Why? Because I know chick flick moment here but Dean Winchester loves me? I thought I would never get close to your heart. Hell, I never thought of sharing a bed with you.

Oh Dean. Honey. Be tough, be the tough Dean I know when I first met you. Just don't hate me, but Sam knows. He figured it out. Now Dean don't be mad at him, I was the one who told him not to tell him. He,too, knows about these letters. Dean, I am sorry. Well he is known to be the smart Winchester. I figured if you didn't find out now, meaning past from when you are reading, I would write letters. If you haven't noticed there's a few weeks, months even, when I write them.

Hey Dean... Remember what we would always say? "Be tough, be strong, be brave. Nothing will break us." I suggest using this as advice for the on coming letters. I don't know how many I will make after this but I can feel it getting worst. So be the Winchester that's under the mask. Tough and strong.

I love you, even if Hell freezes over and Heaven burns over.


He blinked at the letter in his hands. That doesn't even answers any questions he had. It just created more! He didn't even have an idea about Arabella's whereabouts. He put the letter back and into the box. He got up and went down stairs.

He was greeted by his brother and an angel. The two people who knew where Arabella was and wouldn't tell. Dean wasn't hungry. Just he had to eat. Sam and Castiel looked at each other and then back to Dean.

"God damn it! I know you know where she is! I won't ask. I'll find out! Just stop making the silence awkward! Okay? And stop being worried. I can take care of myself!"

"Dean, if you can take care of yourself then why did I have to pull you out of Hell?"

Sam pointed at Castiel and looked at Dean. "He does have a point."

Dean glared at his brother. "Oh shut up."

Dean shuts the fridge deciding that he didn't need food. So he went back to his room, sat on his bed. Intensely looking at the box. Well, one more letter can't hurt. Can it?

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