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The freshly breeze flows around me. As the peaceful meadow, and the rays of a warm sunshine came as it shines towards a clay that is shaped as a person.

The clay shaped person became to form of that of a feminine boy.

They have slowly woke up.

Their skin is pale, the hair is the color of a light forest green, but their eyes on the other hand are like sparkling emeralds that has a hint of silver in it that may look like stars.

Animals, magical and holy beast felt a magnificient power within the meadow.

Birds sang their happy song,

Magical beast and the Holy beast are excited for this person.

Meanwhile in Uruk

A man with an aura that screams authority sat within a chair, but not just any chair but a throne.

The man skin is fair, their hair are gold while their eyes are that of a color of rubies.

This man name is....


.·:*¨¨* ≈☆≈ *¨¨*:·.

Author Note: 

cursed my laziness

so am gonna make a major timeskip after the first or second chapter

Am just gonna warn you for the future chapters now.

There is going to be swear words as well as Fluffs or Mature Content
(only minor sexual stuffs like kisses but no sex that's behind closed door)

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