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Hey guys.. I have some bad news. I'm thinking about discontinuing or putting a really long pause on this fanfic. I'm no longer in my Encanto phase and I don't have the motivation to keep writing this one.

Also since this new year started, everything's gone down hill. I won't go into detail about it cuz then I'd be ranting on forever, but it's hard to deal with everything that's going on and trying to keep all you readers happy.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Encanto and all of you, but when I fall out of a phase it's hard for me to keep writing stories about those things, but I also go back into phases really easily.

If I ever get an urge to write Encanto again, I'll try to do something with this one. I'm really sorry you guys only got like.. 10 chapters? And a whole bunch of A/Ns and random stuff.

I'm currently writing a story for my Demon Slayer oc, so if any of you are interested there's that.

I hope you guys understand and forgive me.

Wren, out.

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