•Chapter 10•

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Camilo and I walked into a bustling dining room. It seemed like every Ramirez family member was up and about, getting the table completely ready. The only person I didn't see standing was Cesar, and he had his head down on the table.

Me and Camilo exchanged glances. He looked worried. I was confused. Is this what the Ramirez family meant by 'dinners ready'?

The moment they caught sight of us, the entire family calmed down and began to get in their seats. Mateo showed us where to sit and we settled down. All the food smelled amazing. I couldn't wait to start eating.

Just as the food was about to be passed around, Madrid stood up. "Excuse me everyone! I'd like to make an announcement!" The entire rest of the family let out disappointed and angered groans.

"Oh what now.." I heard Camilo whisper under his breath.

"Our special guest, cham- I mean Camilo, has something he'd like to ask Angelo."

Both Camilo and Angelo perked up. They stared at each other awkwardly. I slightly tilted my head to the side out of confusion.

"Well.. uh-" Camilo started, "I was just curious as to.. your relationship.. with my tio Bruno."

Angelos face flushed a deep red. My questions were: who's Bruno? And why was Camilo asking about something like that..?

"Ahem.. your Tio and I were.. close.." Angelo said in a hushed tone.

Camilo flashed a look at the twins, who shook their heads softly. What was going on?

"Like.. you guys were in love?" Camilo continued, obviously getting uncomfortable.

"They were sooo in love." An elderly women spoke up. It was Natalia, mother to the twins, Angelo, Victoria and their other brother, Milo.

Angelo glared at his mother and she only smiled back. "What? I'm not wrong, am I? I remember when I could hear you guys m-"

"YES WE WERE DATING!" Angelo yelled, making both me and Camilo jump. Out of shock, Camilo took my hand in his. (okay pretty boy I see you😍)

I looked down for a moment and blushed. Other than the twins' snickering, there was silence at the table before Natalia's husband, Alvaro, asked for food to be passed around.

The family started chattering again. Mateo was seated next to me and he constantly turned my attention to him with his gift. He was changing the color of his plate every two seconds. It was quite fascinating.

Camilo, on the other hand, hadn't spoke a word yet. He ate his food in silence. I softly nudged him and he looked at me, raising a brow.

"Are you okay?" I asked. Camilo opened his mouth to speak when Madrid interrupted.

"No, he's not okay. Do you wanna know why? Because he still believes in Santa."

My eyes widened. There were two gasps heard. One from Mateo and one from Camilo.

Camilo slammed his fist on the table, "He is most definitely real! Sorry, señora." He apologized to Natalia.

I had been trying to keep myself from giggling but I finally caved in a burst out laughing, almost dropping my fork. Most of the family began to laugh with me, and I started to feel a little bad.

I wiped away the tears and looked at him. He was staring right back at me with a reddened face. Oh no..

"Seriously, Y/N? Out of everyone here why did you start laughing? I thought we were friends."

"We are friends! I promise! I just couldn't help it.. it was a little funny." I gave him a little side hug.

That didn't seem to help.

"Look, I really am sorry. I didn't stop believing in Santa until a few years ago when I caught my parents leaving out the presents." I laughed nervously. The entire Ramirez family had gone silent, except for Mateo, who I heard sniffling beside me. We had probably ruined Christmas for Cesar, too.

"Fine. You're forgiven. Only because I lo- value your friendship."

I raised a brow at his brief pause. What he about to say that he loved me? No, probably not.

(Ahah he almost slipped up there😗)

"Well, seems like we all finished our dinner!" Madrid broke the silence once again.

"But.. we didnt-" I tried to say.

"Don't worry, mama! We'll get the dishes!" Madrid forced his brother to stand up, even though he was still in the middle of eating.

Before I knew it, Madrid was teleporting around and picking up all the plates and dishes. I tried to eat as much food as I could before Madrid stole my plate away from me. I felt like crying. How dare he steal my food..😞

Camilo seemed disappointed, too. He got up, thanked the family for the food, and walked away to the guest room. I did the same and followed behind him. When I got to the room, Camilo was already laying face first on the bed.

"Aw.. is someone sad?" I teased, sitting down on the bed.

"Nah.." I heard him mumble. I shrugged and took my eyes off of him for a moment. The second looked away, I felt an arm hug my waist and drag me down. "I'm just a little cold.."

My face turned a bright shade of pink and I tensed up. Camilo only hugged me a little tighter.

"Wh-.. I-.. blankets exist for a reason-!" I tried to pry his arm off of me, but he didn't budge.

"I'm too lazy to get a blanket." He mumbled.

"Yet you aren't lazy enough to use me as one?"

"You were right there. Plus, blankets are boring." He said, tightly squeezing me. I had the sudden urge to stop breathing. Maybe it was from how flustered I was.. or the fact that Camilo was literally preventing me from gaining access to oxygen.

"What about me isn't boring?" I questioned. At that point I gave up trying to get him to let go of me.

He didn't answer.


I noticed his breathing had slowed and when I slightly turned to look at him, his eyes were shut.

How the hell did he already fall asleep? Was he that tired?

I thought I could take the opportunity to get away from him, but Camilo never let go.

It wasn't even cold. He was just making an excuse to cuddle.. huh.. I didn't know he even liked to cuddle.

This isn't so bad.. I softly smiled to myself, playing with a strand of his hair. Hopefully, he wouldn't find it weird. His hair was just so soft.

Apparently, I ended up falling asleep beside him, since I couldn't remember anything that happened after those thoughts.




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