•Chapter 9•

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{Camilos POV}

I stood in front of the Ramirez house, ready to knock on the door, but someone had already begun to open it.

It was Angelo!

"Hola, Angelo! Are the twins home? I kinda need them for something.." I asked, taking a peek over his shoulder to see if there was anyone behind him.

"They should be home, yes. Let me call them down for you." Angelo slightly shut the door, calling out for the two boys.

The sound of footsteps running along the house could be heard, and I watched the door impatiently. It never opened again.

I waited.

And waited.

What was taking them so long? Angelo isn't the type to ghost anyone like that.

I let out a huff, turning on my heel to walk away, but instead I bumped into someone. With a stumble, I almost yelled at who I bumped into, yet when I looked up, it was exactly the people I was looking for.

"Slow down, Camilo." Marion sighed.

"Yeah, what's the rush? I thought you were looking for us." Madrid said, crossing his arms.

"You guys! Finally!.. I need your help. Remember Y/N? I'm sure you do. You gotta help me sneak her out!" I tried to make this sound a little exciting, when it could really get us all in trouble. Meh, whatever.

"What's in it for us?" Madrid questioned, raising a brow. I knew this was coming, but did I have an answer for it? Nope.

"I.. Uh.. Well, I could.. uhm.. I could help you steal Marianas drinks with my shapeshifting? Or anything you want, really. Just please help me out here. Y/N didn't have the greatest convo with her uncle last night."

The two brothers exchanged a look, Madrid's full of mischief and Marion's a little more on the worried side.

"Fine.. We'll help. On one condition." Marion started.

"You gotta get Angie to admit that he and your tio had something going on between them." Madrid finished with a grin.

"Easy enough. Dolores would not shut up about them when we were younger... It was pretty weird.." my expression quickly changed the longer I thought about it.

"Great! So what's the plan, chameleon?" Madrid chuckled. Knowing him, their request was probably over some stupid bet.

"Don't call me a chameleon... Okay, okay. Listen closely." I hushed my tone and began to explain how I wanted Y/N to get out of her tios place.

{Third Person POV}

Y/N was sitting on her bed, quietly embroidering something onto the only piece of yellow fabric that survived, feeling the need to hide it behind her back every time she heard her tio walking around downstairs.

This went on until she heard a knock on the door downstairs. Obviously curious, since nobody ever knocks, she crept over to her door, opening it slightly to listen in on whatever conversation that was about to go down.

Her uncle soon opened the door.

"Hello!" A voice, that sounded oddly familiar to the teenager, greeted, "I have a question to ask if you don't mind."

"What.?" Y/N heard her tio respond in annoyance, "Who are you?"

"My name is Angelo. I happened to be walking by when I noticed that the paint on your walls look old. Would you like me to repaint it for you? It'll make it look a lot better!" Ah, so that's why she recognized him. What was he doing?

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