•Chapter 1•

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Encanto. The valley and village basically cut off from the rest of the world, all because of the Madrigals. They're a wonderful family, don't get me wrong, but if it wasn't for them I would still be in the city I grew up in.

But nope! My parents decided to send me here to live with my tio. Apparently it's 'safer' than the city. What a load of BS. Encanto didn't have an ounce of electricity, unlike my old home. Now I'm stuck in the small, run down attic of my uncle. He never lets me do anything!

Go outside for more than a minute? Nope! Read a book? He doesn't even own any! Oh and god forbid I do any sort of art. I just stay at home and clean, clean, clean while he goes out and.. does.. whatever!

And it's not like I can sneak out.. too many eyes to catch me in the act.

But I still dream of going out and seeing the magical Madrigal family's house. I heard it's colorful, like the trucks I used to see back in the city. Another thing I heard about was that a kid was going to get his gift in a few days. Maybe then my tio will let me get out of the house.

{Time Skip brought to you by Camilos smile}

It was the day that Antonio, the youngest of the Madrigals, received his gift. I hadn't talked to my tio about letting me go yet, but the moment he walks into the house I told myself that I would ask ask.

I hummed to myself as I opened the windows in the house, hoping there's more gossip to be heard.. Maybe I'd find out more about tonight.

I took the broom nearby and began to sweep the downstairs floors, dancing around the furniture.

I heard the door open and froze. My uncle was home. Time to pop the question.

"Good afternoon, tio!" I softly waved with a smile. He scoffed and turned toward the kitchen.

"Tio, wait! I have to ask you something." I rushed over to him and tugged on his sleeve.

"If it's about the kids gift ceremony tonight, the answer is yes. You may go. But this is one time thing, do you understand?" He answered with an annoyed look. I nodded and let go of him, hurrying to finish my cleaning. What dress should I wear tonight..? It's not like I have anything nice anymore.

I sighed and put the broom away. I made my way up the stairs to my little room. In the back, there stood a dresser with all my clothes. I walked over to it and opened it up, seeing only a few dresses that I would actually wear. I took them out, laid them on my bed and tried to decide on which one to wear.

They were all long and loose, perfect for dancing. One was completely white with little details. Another was light green with orange and yellow flowers embroidered onto it.. the dress I wore a lot before I left the city. The last dress was sky blue. Nothing special was embroidered onto it.. just a few spirals on the very end of the short sleeves and skirt.

I ended up going with the green dress, since it brought back so many happy memories.. Plus it was the prettiest, in my opinion.

I left that dress on my bed and put the others away, back into the drawers. Then, I pulled out the shorts I would wear under it. Now that all that was taken care of, I had to come up with a hairstyle. Oh, and I can't forget accessories! I already had a orange flower necklace that matched the dress.. but I needed to check to see if I had any earrings that would also match.. I didn't.

Maybe my tia left behind something I could wear.. No, my uncle would never let me wear anything that belonged to her. Oh well.. I guess I'll just wear my small, gold pair of earrings instead.

I looked outside for a quick moment. The sun had begun setting. Time to really get ready. I quickly changed into the dress and did light makeup (or none at all). My hair was a bit of a problem, though. I didn't know what to do with it! I decided it would be best to just brush it out and leave it like that.

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