•Chapter 8•

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Camilo and I finally reached my house after a long, peaceful walk. He snuck a couple of jokes in along the way, making me laugh and brightening my mood.

"I have to go now, Camilo. Thank you for tonight, it was the best." I whispered, sneaking another kiss onto his cheek, "Goodnight..!"

"G'night, hermosa. Be careful getting back to your room." He smiled, pink dusting his face.

I let go of his hand and slowly opened the door to my house, quickly stepping in and shutting it behind me. I waited until I was sure my Tio wasn't awake before making my way towards the stairs, dodging all the bad floor boards once more.

I paused.



I steadily began climbing the stairs, but froze when I got half way up. There was a dim light coming out from under the door and I was sure I blew out every candle before leaving. Maybe I forgot one..

I got to the top, a little worried about what I would find on the other side. Just as I was about to place my hand on the doorknob, a loud crash made me jump. It sounded like something had been thrown into a wall.

My breath started to shake, along with my hands, as I barely opened the door. Out of the slim opening I could see someone standing next to my bed, holding what looked like a box. The light was far too dim to see who exactly it was, but it was obviously a man.

"Tio..?" I called out nervously. The man turned his head, eyes glaring into me like knives.

"Y/N? Get in here. Now!"

It was him and he sounded pissed.

I was right.

I'm so dead..

I fully opened the door, looking down to avoid eye contact. Scattered along the floor were needles.. torn up fabric.. all of my colorful threads.

Everything. He ruined everything he could find.

"Care to explain why you decided to sneak out? Or maybe why you have all this.. this.. shit!" He yelled, throwing the box he was holding. There goes all my sewing pins..

"Tio, I'm sorry.. I-I just needed something to do.! You keep me cooped up in this attic all day long.." I spoke, kicking a few pins away from my feet.

"I keep you in here for a reason, Y/N! Your parents brought you here for a reason! It's not safe in this world! It never will be! I've.. lost too many people.. Siblings.. friends.. My own daughter! It may seem like you're trapped but it's for your own good!"

"But, Tio..!.. wait.. daughter? What happ-"

"Enough. Be quiet. You are not allowed to ever leave this house again, do you understand? If I find out you I won't hesitate to take away everything in your room. Now clean this mess up and get in bed." He made his way out of the door, pushing me out of the way to do so.

Looking at the clatter made me want to cry. I could almost feel the tears forming in my eyes, but I shook the sadness away, replacing it with anger instead.

I'm a frustrated manner, I picked up every single piece of cloth, needle and pin. Most of the fabric I wouldn't be able to use.. if I ever got the chance to again. Oh, and Camilo had picked this one.. I thought to myself, looking down at the mess of yellow fabric I held in my hands.

I sighed, tossing everything back into the wooden chest. Once I had changed, I blew out the single candle that was lit on my little nightstand.

It took what seemed like forever to fall asleep, but I eventually did.

It was a dreamless night..

{Timeskip brought to you by my friend bribing me with art of Cesar so I'll write this chapter}

I didn't wake up to birds chirping.

Or sunlight grazing my eyes.


I awoke to the sound of my tio banging on my door for me to start doing chores. Nothing abnormal about that. I was surprised he could act like nothing happened the night before.

I wouldn't be able to let go of it that easy. I didn't.

My morning chores were done with irritated vigor, wasting a whole lot of energy.Yet, not a single room was left dirty in the end.

Unfortunately, my tio decided to 'take the day off', which meant eyes on me all day. By noon, I was exhausted, but I had to make my own food. I usually don't mind since my tios cooking is absolute shit, but I was on the verge of passing out.

It was hot.

I was hungry.

My tio wouldn't leave me alone.. Complete hell.

I wonder how Camilos doing..

{Camilos POV}

I had been enjoying a wonderful lunch by myself, isolated in my room. That didn't last long, though.

I was about to stuff an arepa into my mouth, when my sister practically busted down the door to my room.

"Ay, what is is now.." I groaned, putting the arepa down.

"It's about Y/N, Cami!" Dolores changed to a hushed tone, "Last night, after you dropped Y/N off, I heard her tio yelling at her for sneaking out, saying she isn't allowed out anymore. He ruined all of her sewing stuff!"

"What?!." I facepalmed," Ugh, this is all my fault. I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to get her to sneak out.." I probably could've gone on forever about how stupid I was, but Dolores hushed me.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is what you plan on doing about it." She said, snatching the arepa away.

"Hey, that's mine!" I tried to take it, almost falling off my bed in the process.

"Quiet. Now tell me what your plan is." Dolores took a bite out of my arepa while I just sat there and watched.

"Wow.. Look, I don't know what to do! I can't just sneak her out again!.. Unless.." I tapped my chin in thought.

"You're going to sneak her out again aren't you?"

"I wont sneak her out. Madrid and Marion will." I said with a sly grin.

"The Ramirez twins..? Here we go..."



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