•Chapter 2•

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{A/N: Okay so I guess I should mention now that there's some language in this fic only cuz cursing makes stuff 10x funnier}

Everyone was now staring at Mirabel, who looked extremely panicked. She started saying that she saw cracks forming around the casita. From Camilos reaction, that sounded like a major problem.

"If you don't mind me asking.." I whispered loud enough for Camilo to hear, "What does that mean.? What's wrong?"

"Just.. uh.. Stay here, hermosa. I'll go and see whatever she's talking about. I'm sure it's nothing important." Camilo shrugged, following his family out of Antonio's room.

As I stood there, alone, a capybara steadily made its way over to me. Confused, I backed up, thinking I was blocking its path, but I soon realized that it was looking for attention. It had a rather grumpy look to it, but I didnt hesitate to lean down and give it a small pat on the head.

Before I knew it, Camilo was running back into the room. I looked up from the capybara, fully standing up.

"Is everything alright?" I asked, brushing off my skirt.

Camilo nodded, "Yeah, nothing actually happened.. My abuela said Mirabel was doing it for attention, but I dunno. Although she's my cousin, Mirabels basically a sister to me and she isn't the type to draw a lot of attention to herself. Whatever. It's all fine."

"Hmm.." I put a hand on his shoulder, softly smiling, "Don't stress about it too much. I don't have any clue what cracks in the walls of your house mean nor do I understand how your family's magic works, but everything will be okay in the end."

"Thanks, hermosa. Ay, isn't it getting a little late? How about I walk you home?" Camilos gloomy expression turned into his signature grin.

"I think I've bothered you enough for one night. And whats with you calling me 'hermosa'." I asked with a serious tone, starting to walk away.

"No, actually. That was a rhetorical question. Im just gonna walk you home." Camilo quickly caught up with me, walking backwards in front of me, "And I'm just speaking facts, bonita."

"Well, pretty boy, my house is close to here, so I can get there just fine by myself. You should stay here and deal with your family." I argued

"They'll be fine! Like you said, your place isn't far, right? I'll just walk with you and come running back here." For a moment, Camilos grin faded and his eyebrows furrowed, as if he was having trouble processing something, "Wait did you call me pretty bo-"

"Uhm, ya know what? Fine. Walk me home!" I blurted out, trying to get him to forget what I said. Plus, I really didn't feel like arguing anymore.

"Oh.. Alright!" Camilo shrugged and hurried ahead of me, "Mamá! I'm gonna help my friend get home! I'll be back before you know it! Love you!"

There was a muffled "Okay, mi hijo! Stay safe!" coming from another room.

He then opened the door to the casita for me. With a smile, I thanked him on the way out. He quickly followed behind me, shutting the door first.

"Wait up, hermosa!" He called out. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk towards my house, quickening my pace. "Why didn't you wait for me?" Camilo asked with a fake saddened tone.

"Who said I had to listen to you?" I stuck my tongue out at him, grabbing onto my satchel out of annoyance.

I heard a soft whoosh, which, from what I learned, meant that Camilo had shapeshifted again. I didn't even want to know, but unfortunately, I found out.

He had morphed into me, again, copying my expression and how I walked perfectly.

"Camilo, what are you doing?" I paused, obviously confused as to what he planned to do now. I watched as he continued to walk ahead of me.

"I'm not Camilo," he said plainly, using a terrible impression of.. well, I just guessed it was supposed to be me, "I'm Y/N, a very pret- I mean, independent woman~! I grew up in the city and don't know how to have fun~."

I couldn't stop my face from turning a shade of red. Out of anger (not really, I just wanted to scare him) I start charging towards him. He appeared to have heard my footsteps and shapeshifted back to himself, fear filling his eyes as I neared closer to him.

"Wait, Y/N, I was just kidding-!" Camilo scurried to get away from me, almost tripping on air. I giggled at his attempt to stay balanced.

And that's when I noticed the dark figure standing ahead of us..

{Camilos POV}

I only took a few more steps before I heard Y/N let out a gasp. I paused, looking over my shoulder to look at her. She was just standing there, holding onto her satchel. Confused, I completely turned around, "Something wrong, hermosa?"

"Si. There is something wrong." A deeper voice behind me growled, scaring the shit out of me. I probably shifted into my entire family by the time I got over it.

"Tio! Why are you outside so late? I was almost home.." Y/N walked right past me and towards the man, wearing a nervous smile.

"I could ask you the same thing. Who is he?" Y/Ns tio pointed directly at me.

I tried to speak for myself, but only managed to say a short, "Hola, señor. My names Ca-"

"He's my new friend, Camilo Madrigal! And Camilo here was nice enough to help me get back home safely. Now, why don't we head inside. You should go to bed, you look exhausted. I'll get up early tomorrow to cook and clean, mkay?" Y/N guided her uncle back to her little home.

"Y/N, wait-"

"I'll see you later, Camilo! Have a good night!" She looked back over, giving me that same anxious smile she had on earlier, before erasing every ounce of emotion she had and turning back to her tio.

I could only stand and watch as the two disappeared into the dark.

Crap, I  forgot to ask Mirabel if she had any sewing stuff for Y/N.. Maybe I could make a little bundle for her and bring it to her tomorrow!

I didn't hesitate to run back to my house, hoping this little plan of mine would cheer Y/N up.



Howdy and hello, everyone.

So since I have school and multiple extracurricular activities, I don't have a lot of free time, so updates will either be slow or short! Hopefully I'll just be able to post short chapters every other day to keep the story going, ya know? But if I can't I swear I'm trying my best to.

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