•Chapter 5•

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"Where the hell am I.?" I muttered to myself, fanning away the remaining mist.

The mist fully cleared, revealing identical twin teenage boys, a little over my age. Both wore red ponchos over their shirts. One had a lighter theme and his poncho had a swirled design. The others color pallet was darker, his poncho bearing a cloud like pattern. 

I was bewildered, not because of the twins, but because I was just teleported into an area that I was not familiar with at all.

"Uhm.. who are you guys?"

"Well, that depends." One started.

"Who are you?" The other finished the question.

"My names Y/N. Now please tell me who you are and where I am." I replied, letting my eyes wander to get a feel of my location. It was similar to the Madrigals lot, a little away from the actual town, but the house was quiet different.

"We are the Ramirez twins

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"We are the Ramirez twins. I'm Marion." The one with the lighter tones stated.

"And I'm Madrid!" The other said, running his hand through his dark hair.

"Welcome to the casa Ramirez!" They exclaimed in unison.

"Nice to.. meet you.. I guess. What the hell am I doing here?.. No, better yet, how did I get here?" I backed up, admiring the building.

"I teleported you here, of course. Have you never heard of the Ramirez family? You live under a rock or something?" Madrid interrogated, taking a few steps towards me. His brother followed, elbowing him in the gut.

"You guys have powers, too? I guess I am living under a rock. See, I have this Tio-" I started to explain, but Marion hushed me.

"Maybe just.. let my brother tell you about the family first." Marion said, shaking his head.

"Yes. Ahem, so.. We are part of the Ramirez family. Sure, we all have gifts like the Madrigals but we don't need to use them to help the town. Most of us do, anyways. Continuing on, our system is quite different. See, our house and magic relies on love, which is why it's a family 'tradition' to get married in front of the flower. That flower is like the equivalent of the candle at the Madrigals. Get married in front of it, it stays alive. The house stays alive."

Too much information at once.. I thought to myself, glancing at Marion every other second. The twin just looked back with a shrug.

"Y/N! Y/N I knew they'd take you here.."

I turned around to see Camilo running at us.

"Camilo! Save me.." I whisper yelled at him with desperation lacing my voice. He quickly stood between me and the twins.

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