•Chapter 4•

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I had been using the sewing kit Camilo made for me the morning prior and I couldn't begin to express how grateful I was. I had begun a small project, which was making myself a new skirt. Something not as long as the others, so it would be nice for going out on a day where I would be walking around a lot.

My neighbor, who sold fabrics, gave me some fabric that wasn't selling well at a cheap price. What a perfect way to spend the last of my birthday money from a year ago. To be fair, I didn't have any other reason to spend it until now.

So there I was, sitting in my attic, sewing up a storm. The fabric I was given the most of was a cedar brown. Some light purple flowers would look adorable against the dark color. Maybe some yellow..

My thoughts were interrupted by loud knocking on my door. I quickly (and I mean quickly) put the skirt into a wooden chest by my bed and hid the rest of my sewing equipment before opening the door to find my tio standing in front of me.

"Good morning, tío. Do you need something?" I greeted.

"Hurry and get ready, you're going to the market." My tío started to walk back down the stairs.

"Me? I'm going to the market?" I asked, baffled.

"Yes. I'm going to be busy, so I'm allowing you to go out on one condition. You must get everything on the list that's sitting on the table downstairs. I'm leaving now."

I shut my door and waited until I couldn't hear his footsteps to get ready. I pulled out my most comfortable dress.

 I pulled out my most comfortable dress

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(Beautiful, right? My friend drew it!)

"Perfect.." I whispered to myself, fixing the golden pendant.

I got myself changed and hurried downstairs. Just as my tio said, there was a list of things he needed on the dining table. I took it and put it into my bag. I made sure everything in the house was in order before leaving.

The bright sun warmed my skin and blinded my eyes. I used my hand to block the light as I started to walk down the stone paths. It's hard to realize just how lively this town is when all I did was stare at it from a window.

I made my way through the small crowds, stopping to look at everything that caught my eye. So many colors, so many interesting things. I could be out here all day.

Eventually, I remembered that I actually had to buy things, so I asked where the market was. I got a little lost, but multiple people directed me to where I needed to go.

I soon arrived at the market. It wasn't big, but it sure was busy. There were booths and stands filled with things I couldn't find easily in the city. I was sure my Tio gave me some extra money for me to spend on something little.

I adventured around the market, taking my sweet time.

{Camilos POV}

I was sitting at the breakfast table outside, playing with a little top I found laying the the grass.. it was probably Antonio's. Who, by the way, didn't go anywhere without his new animal friends. A toucan had almost eaten my entire plate while I wasn't paying attention that morning!

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