•Chapter 6•

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"Is that all you're gonna get, hermosa?" Camilo asked me, taking the rolls of fabric I recently bought from the lady who sold them to us.

"Yep, that's all! Oh, I can't wait to make something with this." I held up a pastel yellow fabric in front of my face.

"I bet whatever you make will be amazing." Camilo hummed with a grin, walking beside me as we heading towards my house once more.

"Why, thank you, pretty boy. I bet you're right." I retorted in a playful manner.

Camilo softly laughed, turning to walk backwards, as he usually does when we walk together. I'm surprised he hasn't tripped and fallen yet.

I spoke too soon.

Camilo ended up falling right in front of me. It wasn't his fault. Some kid bumped into him as he was walking, but it caught Camilo off guard. I could almost see him shapeshift into me on his way down.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" The boy said, helping Camilo up as soon as he could. Camilo groaned and picked up all the fabric he dropped. "It's whatever. Sorry, bonita, your fabrics might've gotten dirty." He said, passing them to me.

"It's fine.." I said, dusting the fabric off quickly. Camilo turned around to face the kid, who looked at him with guilt in his eyes.

The boy wore a black vest with colorful stripes in the pattern of a rainbow going down from the shoulder, with a red tie under it. His brown hair was originally slicked back, but now it was a little messed up from the collision. Behind the boy stood a woman who looked like his mother and a shorter boy who wore a hood over some of his face.

"Mateo..?" Camilo asked, getting a good look at the boy.

"Camilo!" Mateos face lit up, and he turned to motion to the other younger boy,"Cesar, it's Camilo!"

Cesar only cowered behind the woman more, looking away from the shapeshifter.

"It's nice to see you, Camilo." The woman spoke up. I didn't even notice her prosthetic, wooden leg until she walked over to Camilo, using a cane for balance.

"Good afternoon, señorita Tori." Camilo replied with a smile, "Hola, Cesar."

Cesar hesitated to wave, hiding his eyes with his saddened grape purple poncho. His poncho had little ghosts climbing up from the bottom seam.

"Who's your friend?" The woman asked Camilo, placing her free hand on her sons head to comfort him.

"Her names Y/N! We were just heading home from the market." Camilo explained. The woman reached her hand out to shake mine, and I took it.

"My names Victoria Ramirez. Pleasure to meet you." Victoria smiled, before pulling her hand away gently.

"Y/N L/N.. Like Camilo said."

"Well, it was nice meeting you two here, but I should take the boys back home." Victoria was about to say goodbye, when Cesar tugged on her shirt.

"Mami..?" He cried, tears swelling up in his eyes, "Mami, they won't stop talking.."

I immediately begun to worry, yet I couldn't help but be confused, too. What did he mean.?

"It's okay, mi hijo. We'll get you home as soon as possible." Victoria kneeled down to level with her son, caressing his cheek. When I looked over at Camilo, I noticed the worried expression on his face.

"But they don't stop there, either! They get in my room.. they demand things from me.. Mami, I never wanted this stupid gift! I want to be normal again!" Cesar hugged his mother, the genuine anger and sorrow baffled me. His hood fell off his head, revealing a flowing mess of hair and the most agony filled eyes I've ever seen. Was this about this boys gift? What is that talking about?

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