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January 20
9:48 pm

Since it was a kid free weekend, me and Dre decided to have a date night. However, after talking to Darius we realized trin has yet to get out of the house and away from Melody since she was born so we convinced her to come out and their mom volunteered to keep melody along with Gianna.

Even though trin constantly talked her shit about my niece she was surely being a typical new mother, missing her like crazy and we've only been here for an hour but I was gonna make sure she enjoys her night out

"Watch this shit right here" Darius said as Dre rolled the bowling ball, drunk as hell just like the rest of us.

The ball rolled straight down the middle of the alley and hit a perfect strike

"Stop playin with that boy!" Darius hopped up and him and Dre capped each other up. I sucked my teeth

It was girls versus boys and right now we were getting our asses kicked

"Y'all cheating because y'all both know how to bowl" trin fussed while I got up

"That ain our fault. Y'all can still come back."

"Yeah" Dre agreed as we walked past each other and he looked at me as we did so "if that one can stay out the gutter"

"Shut up. I got this" I boasted while slapping my chest and Dre laughed

"Ana don't fuck up now.. we already behind" trin yelled

"This one a strike.. I can feel it" I wiggled my fingers before grabbing my ball

I stepped up to the line and swung my hand back. Next thing I know, and I don't understand how.. but the ball went behind me and almost hit Darius and trin where they were standing

"Damn lil dre" Darius cursed while Dre burst out laughing

"That girl drunk as hell"

"My bad y'all" I laughed as I went to get the ball. Dre shook his head watching me "what you shaking your head at?"

"You. Witcho non bowling ass"

"How about shut up and come help me"

"That man ain bout to help you cause you suck"Darius told me while he had one arm around trin

"If he don't wanna hear my mouth he better" I pushed my ball into Dre's hands and he let out a sigh while walking up to the line with me

"I want some wings. A nigga hungry as fuck" I could hear him mutter while moving behind me and positioned the ball in my hand

"I got something for you to eat"

"I'll eat that later. But right now if it ain covered in hot sauce with some ranch on the side ion want it"

"Greedy ass. Like we ain ate a while ago"

"Mannn that was before you got me drunk up like this"

I looked back at Dre "who got you drunk?"

"You" he repeated with a straight face

"Dre why you lying cause you got me drunk"

"Analise YOU lying"

"Bae, take another shot wimme. This the last one. Okay forreal this the last one. One more won't hurt" I mocked him and he started snickering

"Nahhhh Nah Nah. See that was after you was buggin. Talkin bout you want us lit together and if I ain drunk none you was gone pour it in my shit while I wasn't looking"

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