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Natalie was really unlucky when it came to sleep. She hadn't had an easy night since before the accident. Sleeping didn't come easy to her at the hospital. She was in pain most of the time. And now that she was back home, there was a crying baby, her baby. But at least this time she wasn't the only one with that problem. Mark had also forgotten what it was like sleeping. 

It was the fourth time that night that Iris was crying. Mark and Natalie were taking turns, not that it really mattered because they both woke up anyway. 

"Mark, wake up." Natalie mumbled with her eyes closed. She softly pushed Mark with her hand, making sure that he would wake up.

"I can't." He complained and pulled the blanket on his face.

"But it's your turn." Natalie groaned and rubbed her face, fully woken up in just few seconds. It wasn't like she could hear her child crying and do nothing about it.

"I did your turn, so now it's my turn, meaning it's your turn." Mark mumbled and put the pillow on his face. 

Natalie frowned her eyebrows, thinking about what he said. "What?"

"Just... I'll go." Mark said and pulled the blanket off his body.

Natalie turned to look at him ready to get out of bed too. But then they heard nothing. "Wait, she stopped. Why did she stop?" She questioned and they exchanged a look. 

Both parents walked towards the baby's room only to find the door half open and then they heard a voice. "Hey, I know it's rough, being out in the world, having no idea what your life has turned into, but you gotta let them sleep. Please." Amber was standing over Iris' crib and she held her little sister in her embrace. She was feeling a little tense. She was scared of dropping her or maybe doing something wrong, it was the first time she had some kind of contact with a baby. 

"Amber, honey, why are you up?" Natalie whispered. She wrapped her arms around her robe, feeling cold and tired. 

"Shh..." Amber gave them a look. "She's almost out. Sleep little sister, come on."

"Do you want help–?" Mark asked quietly.

"She's out." Amber walked out of the room and closed the door softly behind her. "I was just studying and I heard her, thought it would be nice to let you guys sleep."

"You're studying at 4 am." Natalie pointed out, and made a face at how weird that sounded.

"Yeah, I am catching up because university applications are starting soon, so you know." Amber said and a yawn escaped her mouth.

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