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[ tried to update quickly so you weren't left on that semi-cliffhanger. but was is a cliffhanger if we all knew who was carrying willow?

i believe there's like a 1-3 week gap give or take between the end of the last episode and this one, though it's not super clear. so it jumps back and forth from the beginning of this episode and just after the events of the last chapter

and if you don't like allison or have a love/hate relationship with her, these next few chapters are for you guys. you'll be valid for going off in the comments ]


i can't lose you, willow. i wouldn't survive it.

 i wouldn't survive it

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[ 2.11 ]


Stiles sat across the desk from Ms. Morrell, trying to distract himself from the mandatory meeting by re-stringing his lacrosse stick. It made it easier to drone on if he didn't look into her cold, calculating eyes. Weren't guidance counselors supposed to be comforting?

"You know when you're drowning, you don't actually inhale until right before you blackout. It's called voluntary apnea," Stiles said, thinking of what Matt must have gone through in his last moments. "It's like no matter how much you're freaking out, the instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won't open your mouth until you feel like your head's exploding. But then when you finally do let it in, that's when it stops hurting. It's not scary anymore. It's - it's actually kind of peaceful."

"Are you saying you hope Matt felt some peace in his last moments?" Morrell asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't feel sorry for him."

"Can you feel sorry for the nine-year-old Matt who drowned?" she asked.

"Just because a bunch of dumbasses dragged him into a pool when he couldn't swim doesn't really give him the right to go off killing them one by one," he said snarkily. "And by the way, my dad told me that they found a bunch of pictures of Willow on Matt's computer — way more than we thought there'd be. And not just of her though. I mean, he photoshopped himself into these pictures. Stuff like them holding hands and kissing. You know, like he had built this whole fake relationship. So yeah, maybe drowning when he was nine years old was what sent him off the rails, but the dude was definitely riding the crazy train."

"And Willow—"

"I don't wanna talk about Willow," Stiles said, his throat feeling tight. 

Morrell nodded, knowing she'd need to wait until they were well into the session to bring her up again. "One positive thing came out of this, though. Right?"

Stiles nodded, knowing that she was referring to his father getting his job as the sheriff back. "Yeah. Yeah, but I still feel like there's something wrong between us. I don't know. It's just like tension when we talk. Same thing with Scott."

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