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When Natalie and Amber arrived home, Natalie made her daughter sit on the couch without speaking. But Natalie wasn't speaking either, as she was not sure how to start and if grounding her was the right choice. 

The silence had started making Amber feel anxious so as she opened her mouth to say something, her mother cut her off. Natalie was pacing back and forth in the living room. "Do not speak. You've lost the privilege of speaking."

"I'm sorry, it's just that you're not speaking either." Amber whispered and then put her legs on the couch, hugging her knees as if she was protecting herself. 

"I'll speak whenever I want to. Since we're all doing whatever we want in here." Natalie wanted to have a drink more than anything, but she knew it was going to be a bad move to drink in front of her daughter as she was trying to figure out what was actually happening. 

Amber opened her mouth to apologise but soon gave up when she realised that her mother wasn't kidding around when she said that she shouldn't speak. 

"So let's do a recap." Natalie began. "A month ago, you said you were going to the movies, but you ended up going to a party. So in that party you thought that it would be okay to drink, not only just try alcohol, but actually drink way more than you could handle. And then you got in the middle of a fight as your friend Tom was trying to stop you from getting into this, whatever his name was, car. A boy you didn't even know." 

"Oliver." Amber whispered. 

"Not a word!" Amber gave her an apologetic look when Natalie yelled. "So am I right so far?" Natalie asked and Amber stayed still not sure if she could talk. "You can nod." She told her and the teenager moved her head, confirming the story. "So after that you locked yourself in your room. You were probably embarrassed. I didn't say anything, because I was trying to give you time. But suddenly you were going out, every day. You were avoiding me. You talked back to me. This is not okay. You are underage. And I might stand by that you have your own life and you need to make your own choices. But this is way out of line, Amber. I am not strict. But that doesn't mean, you can do whatever you want to."

There was few seconds of silence, before Natalie started talking to her. "And you were really rude to Mark that day, when he was only trying to help you, and that is not okay. Because your issue is not with him. And you need to face whatever it is that is making you act like this. You can talk now."

"I'm sorry." Amber started saying. "I really am. I just know that I let you down, and I couldn't face you. So when the black eye was gone, I just needed to be away from the house. I am sorry. I wasn't doing anything bad, I was just away from the house. So I wouldn't have to see you and face the fact that you were disappointed at me."

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