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Natalie woke up that morning with a whole new mood. She was going back to work. Her relationship with Mark was going great, minus keeping it a secret from Derek, her daughter was finally feeling better about everything. There was one thing she needed to solve.

And she was going to do it just that morning, minutes before going back to work. "So I'm going back to work today. My scars are almost faded and I sleep just fine at night. My therapist is happy with my process." She announced as everyone was on the table eating breakfast. 

"We are all really proud of you." Liam said with his mouth full. He had an announcement to make to her but he was keeping it for himself until it was official. 

"Yeah, that's not my point." Natalie paused and prayed that she wouldn't have to kick everyone out of her house. "Mom" she looked at Cara, "you can go back to San Francisco now. And take everyone else with you." But it's Natalie. Her annoyance is the first thing you find out that she's feeling.

"I'm not going anywhere." Cara argued and placed a plate with scrabbled eggs at the empty seat Natalie was supposed to be sitting. But she just wanted to kick everyone out of her house and then leave for work. She didn't have time for breakfast. "Not when I know my grandchild will be alone half of the day." Cara continued.

"Are you kidding me? I spent more time in the house than Amber does." Natalie looked at her daughter who was looking down at her plate, staying out of the argument that was going to take place.

"And you're okay with that?" 

"Well, I trust her that she won't make any decisions that will put her life at risk." Natalie supported her daughter. "Plus she tells me everything. She's been through a lot, she can hang out with her friends as much as she wants, really." And Amber loved her mother for being so understanding. 

"Well, I don't think-"

"I know how to raise my daughter. Do not start with this." Natalie cut her off, her voice raising in annoyance. 

"Come on Mulan, let's go for a quick walk." Amber quickly stood up, not feeling up to being in the middle of a fight. The puppy, which was obviously bigger already, quickly ran up to the door; waiting patiently for Amber. "Don't worry, this should last about five to seven minutes. I'll be back." Amber reassured her mother. "Don't stress out too much, okay?"

"Hey, good morning." Bella entered the kitchen as Amber left the house. "You're still here. Can I come by the hospital so we can lunch together?" 

"I don't think I'll have much free time, being the first day back and everything." Natalie politely refused, not feeling like having another complicated conversation with her sister.

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