Beach - Leondre

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"AGH Y/N IMA KILL YOU!" yelled Leondre, isolated in the cold waves.

"YOU'LL HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST PAL," you laughed, running up the beach in the sunset.

Somehow Leo seemed to be too cold to move a single muscle to catch you back.

"Y/N," he whimpered after you. "This isn't fair, I can't move and my feet hurt, plus I'm freezing!"

You turned back around to see him pulling a puppy dog face at you, begging for you to come and save him.

"YYYY/NNNNN," he whined. "Help meeeeeee."

"Agh fine," you gave in, running back to save him from freezing to death.

You eventually got back to him with a towel to keep him warm. "Here you go, Leo, I'm sorry."

"Thank you Y/N," he smirked, embracing himself in his blue towel.

He looked so adorable awe.

"What's with the face mate?" you asked, folding your arms across your chest and raising an eyebrow.

"Oh nothing...." he lied.

"Hmm," you giggled, keeping your distance just incase. "Aren't you gonna get out of the water then? You look like a ghost Leo."

"I have something else in mind first actually."

He started wading towards you in the sea, getting closer and closer until your foreheads met.

"I love you lots," he whispered, kissing your nose.

"Me too," you smiled.

"But you're an ass as well," he winked, splashing a whole load of sea water on you, then running away.


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